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Journeyman III

Game crash, driver timeout, green screen

I upgraded from an rx 560 and an amd cpu I don't remember the name of, I had minimal problems with it, hardly any crashing in games, just wanted the upgrade for smoother gameplay.

I upgraded to an rx 6600 and an amd ryzen 5 3600 cpu, I have 32gb of 3200mhz ddr4 ram. My psu is some random one, I think it has like 600w+.

As I said, before upgrading I had no problems, however, after upgrading my pc to better components I have seen a lot more game crashing/ random problems happening.

For example, audio had stopped working, found out the fix to that though and no longer have problems, I had been having problems with my game just freezing completely and then I had to restart my pc in order to load it back up again. I have also been having my game turn my monitor fully green and then the game will crash and it says it is a driver timeout from the amd thingy.

I'm a neanderthal when it comes to computers, I know the bare minimum mostly but solving tech related problems is definitely not my specialty.

I would also like to mention I only have this problem in 2 scenarios, I have 3 "modpacks" for the same game. One of them has absolutely no problems and runs fine, except it is limited and mostly a singleplayer type deal. The other two are more PvP oriented and I usually switch between the 3. Labeling them all #1 is the singleplayer, #2 has high fps but interesting problems, and #3 feels the best to play on but usually encounters the more alarming problems the soonest.

For example, for #2 when I am playing it can say I have like 1000 fps but the game feels horrible and it isn't graceful at all to look around or move my mouse to look from side to side, it feels slow and sluggish. #3 doesn't have this problem, it runs on slightly less fps according to the settings but it also feels much smoother to play on and the gameplay feels more responding.

This is just something I also want to know if I can fix, but my main problem is solving the game crash/driver timeout/green screen, I had updated my display driver not that long ago and used DDU to clear the old drivers. I don't even know if the display driver is the problem or if it is something else that is causing it. 

TL;DR: driver timeouts/game crashing/green screen, cleared old drivers/updated my drivers. Please help if you have had this problem before and fixed it or if you know how to fix it.

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I had driver timeouts on my wifes' setup .. replaced her garbage power supply with a better one and problems solved

Maybe pickup a 650wtt or better 80+ Gold or better rated PSU

ThreeDee PC specs

Alright, I will look into that. Thank you