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Adept I

Game breaking issue FIFA 20 on RX 480

Frequently massive stuttering or visible stuttering most of the time with no fps drops regardless of settings

Have tested 19.9.2, 19.12.1, 20.1.2, both exhibit stuttering regardless of settings, both for driver settings or game settings.

Rolled back to 19.8.2, the only settings to play this game without frequently noticeable (sometimes massive) stuttering is playing with the settings as follow.

In game profile setting in the Radeon setting, set vsync to enhanced sync, set Frame rate Target to 60 fps, I also enabled anti lag.

In game setting, I set graphics settings to ultra (this setting doesn't affect game performance, since gpu is powerful enough), MSAA on auto, lock to 60 fps, and full screen mode.

FIFA 20 default api is dx12, however even with those settings, FIFA 20 with dx 12 play like s**t, (pardon the language, I spent two holidays trying to figure this out)

In order to force FIFA 20 to use dx 11. I have to change the fifasetup.ini under user/ documents/ FIFA 20.

Change DIRECTX_SELECT = 1, save the file, and change the file to read only (under general tab in file properties ).

This allows me to have a smooth gameplay.

Important thing to know, I've used rtss to force 60 fps on the newer Radeon drivers without FRTC. It simply doesn't work.

Please fix FIFA 20 in future driver, and please acknowledge the existence of this problem in release notes.

This is a game breaking issue, I have gtx 1060 that doesn't have this issue.
Turning on v sync in Nvidia control panel for the game allows buttery smooth performance.

Please please fix this issue.
If it requires FRTC, why not bring it back?

Multiple Radeon gpus owner here. (5770, 7970,7870, Rx 270x, Rx 480)
If it doesn't get fix in near future, I probably stay away from AMD gpu in the future, since I'm a avid FIFA fan and Nvidia provides more than gameplay experience, i.e. tensorflow support on Windows.

Important note, stuttering doesn't appear on other games, (tested on Forza horizon 4, regardless of driver version)

Full system specs:

CPU: i7 6700k

Motherboard: Gigabyte z170x gaming 5, F22f

RAM: Hyperx 16 GB DDR4 2400mhz

GPU: RX 480 nitro+ 8GB

Power supply: EVGA 750w G2 gold

OS : windows 10 64bit build 1909

Update 1:

Tested on the latest radeon driver 20.1.3., this time with full screen optimization disabled (under compatibility), and used RTSS to cap the frame rate to 60 fps, enhanced sync enabled for FIFA 20, it improves a lot, but stuttering still there sometimes, and sometimes stutters badly, I noticed when it stutters, the GPU utilization drops to 0% in game (shown in radeon overlay in game). Not sure if this is a driver related issue or Windows 10 problem. (I have tried with windows game mode disabled before, didn't work.)

Update 2:

Upon further testing, frequent stuttering is still there. reverted back to 19.8.2 driver, currently using RTSS to cap the frame rate at 60 instead of FRTC (since it provides better input latency and frame time, according to sources online somewhere). A lot better than newer version of driver for FIFA 20. Definitely driver related issue there. Please take a look AMD.

Update 3 provided in discussion below.

Conclusion, even with free sync monitor, 100% issue-free, smooth 60fps in game like FIFA 20 is not guaranteed.

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Adept I

Re: Game breaking issue FIFA 20 on RX 480

I've come to the conclusion that Enhanced Sync causes stuttering in FIFA 20, despite consistent framerate and frametime (shown in OSD by RTSS and MSI afterburner).

I've tried every combination of settings imaginable to get a buttery smooth 60 fps gameplay in FIFA 20, but to no avail.

Here's list of settings I've tried to eliminate the possible causes of stuttering before coming to the conclusion.

with enhanced sync on, I've tried Vsync on and off in game settings (game always run in fullscreen mode with full screen optimization disabled), I've tried turning anti lag on and off, I've tried using RTSS frame limiter and set it to 60 fps and Vsync on and off in game settings. 

I've tried with Vsync off in game settings, RTSS scanline sync enabled, set it up following the tutorial from here. But it still stutters very badly at times, again, despite consistent framerate and frametime. it's unbelievable. 

There's few ways I can get perfectly smooth 60 fps gameplay (but with first person camera, cinematic cutscene and main menu in game at 30 fps), and none of them with enhanced sync enabled.

I currently using Driver version 20.1.3, settled on with Vsync on in game settings, and Vsync to always on in radeon game profile settings. This eliminates the stuttering I've been getting from enhanced sync, but with compromises on 30fps for other areas of the game, as aforementioned. and that's annoying.  I also reverted the game settings for DirectX back to DX 12 instead of 11.

Please AMD, take a look at enhanced sync with FIFA 20. I've tried every combination known and it still stutters. It really is annoying. I don't remember having this issue with previous edition of FIFA with enhanced sync and FRTC enabled.

Journeyman III

Re: Game breaking issue FIFA 20 on RX 480

Just replying to say that I'm having same issues as well. I've also submitted a ticket regarding these issues. I have an rx 5700 xt on 20.1.4 at the moment. I hope this gets fixed soon..

Adept I

Re: Game breaking issue FIFA 20 on RX 480

Which ticket have you submitted? This one? 

I've submitted online service request few days ago and I've got a reply from them saying the issue has been forwarded to the internal team for investigation.

Glad to know I'm not the only one, it seems like this is not a GPU specific issue but rather a feature specific issue.

 On Nvidia GPU, 60 fps can be achieved by locking the fps to 60 in FIFA game setting, and in Nvidia Control Panel Game profile select Vsync on or select Adaptive Sync, and you have 60 fps in all areas of the game without stuttering.

But in AMD driver it doesn't work, Vsync on in radeon game profile settings will not force the game to run in 60fps in all areas of the game regardless of which Sync option you select from the FIFA game settings.

I've also asked EA for help, tested all their suggested solutions to the problem provided by the game advisor, and at the end the experts from EA told me to contact AMD since enhanced sync is not one of the sync option from the game itself. I've also suggested to them to add an extra 60fps (in all areas of the game) option for the game, they said it will be forwarded to the team as a suggestion. But I highly doubt the game will ever be updated to support that, maybe FIFA 21 or 22.

Journeyman III

Re: Game breaking issue FIFA 20 on RX 480

Hey there,

I've submitted the issue report from the link you provided in this thread: FIFA 20 laggy and stuttering on RX 580&RYZEN 5 3600 

So for me, I tried a lot of, I mean almost EVERY setting combination from Adrenalin and in-game setting, which none of them worked except ONE setting combination, which I figured out yesterday. 

I have a freesync monitor (1440p 75 hz panel) and if I turn on freesync, set custom resolution to 74hz, and lock in-game fps to 60, then I get smooth gameplay. But I also noted that in-game menus have reduced fps (~47 fps I think). This setting was the ONLY way I could enjoy smooth gameplay.

Whats weird to me is that I don't think this game utilizes frame rates the way it should because when I set the FPS lock to unlimited or 60 fps, the choppiness is the same, although FPS counter says otherwise. I'm sort of beginning to think that EA is part of the problem as well, not utilizing AMD gpu very well. Either way I think AMD should look into this and hopefully can identify what the problem is.

Adept I

Re: Game breaking issue FIFA 20 on RX 480

Update 3 on the issue

Upon further testing on other monitors, I can confirm the stuttering issue is indeed triggered by enhanced sync on non free sync monitor, this is tested on Samsung C24F390 with free sync enabled, and free sync completely disabled (with enhanced sync enabled, it triggers stuttering issue in FIFA 20 regardless of settings, RTSS fps limiter, scanline sync tested). (previously tested on Sony 4k TV, Samsung 6 series curved TV, both through HDMI 1.4 cable from Samsung C24F390 monitor)

Free sync monitor however, can eliminate stuttering issue by enabling free sync, as long as you have free sync enabled on global display (even if you set free sync off in FIFA 20 game profile in radeon settings, free sync is still enabled somehow if you have free sync on globally, it can be confirmed by alt+tab out of the the game when you're in game's main menu, when you alt+tab back in the game, you will see framerates drop to around 37fps, and frametimes wobbling between 16.6ms+- to 33ms+-), it solves the issue. This is tested on my Samsung C24F390 monitor, using the exact same HDMI cable used in previous tests, configured as below.

In FIFA 20 game's profile setting in radeon settings.

Enhanced sync: enabled

Free sync: on

In FIFA 20 game's settings

Vsync option: lock to 60fps

(using default API DX12, Windowed borderless, works on fullscreen as well)

RTSS FIFA20.exe Framerate limit: 60

While having free sync enabled 100% solve the stuttering issue during gameplay, it does introduce another issue, that is the when you alt+tab out of the game anytime after launching the game and entering the game's main menu, your framerates drop to 37fps and frametimes started wobbling as well, regardless of whether it is in fullscreen, Windowed borderless, DX 11 or DX 12. However, this issue can be resolved within the game, simply go and play another match, roughly for around 20 seconds, then, when you return to the game's main menu, the framerates and frametimes return to normal.

I know there are a lot more issues AMD currently working on, but this is an issue AMD should at least acknowledge, and fix in the near future. I saw the release notes of driver version 20.2.2, no acknowledgement at all. Is this issue getting ignored? or it's just at the moment the driver's team is too busy squashing other bugs so they don't have time to test and acknowledge this issue?

Adept I

Re: Game breaking issue FIFA 20 on RX 480

I have the same trouble.
Please try it.

Game Settings
Full Screen Lock to 30fps
Radeon Settings
Enhanced Sync on

Adept I

Re: Game breaking issue FIFA 20 on RX 480

Does that fix the stuttering issue for you? on Free-sync or non-Free-sync display?

Adept I

Re: Game breaking issue FIFA 20 on RX 480

RX470 4GB Sapphire NITRO+
BenQ GL2460HM(60hz non freesync)
Radeon Software(20.2.2)
Full Screen
Lock to 30fps
Enhanced Sync ON
Radeon Chill OFF
RTSS Framerate limit 0
Under these conditions
Smooth 60fps in gameplay and cutscenes, eliminating stuttering

DirectX 11/12, RTSS settings 0/60, Radeon Chill ON(60.60)/OFF
I don't know if this will affect
The important thing is lock to 30fps and enhanced sync ,fullscreen

I don't know about more than 60fps
With the same settings
Monitor overclocked to 75hz
stuttering has occurred

Adept I

Re: Game breaking issue FIFA 20 on RX 480

Yep, setting Vsync to locked 30 fps solved the stuttering for non-free sync display. I'm on DX 12, Windowed borderless, enhanced sync on.