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Journeyman III

Function Suggestion AMD Overlay

I really like AMD but the Overlay in Adrenaline is OK but not good.
It's usable for "testing" and benchmarks but for nerds (like me) it's not the best, because it's pretty big.

Let me explain why I prefer MSI Afterburner over AMD Overlay.
So in MSI Afterburner I can put the item's in order how I want and also create a group.

I'm usually doing this because it's the easiest to remember.

<Label> <Usage> <Temp> <Clock> <MemUsage>
It would look like this in my top left corner using MSI AB and Riva Stat Server:
5600G 47% 50°C 4500Mhz 12415MB

For GPUs it looks like this
<Label> <Usage> <Temp> <Clock> <MemUsage> <MemClock> 
RX6600 99% 70°C 2150Mhz 6214MB 1900Mhz

and for my Frames
<FPS> <FrameTime>
<FrameTime Graph>

It's a OSD with 3 rows in total and I know everything, in AMD OSD it's a huge square with labels next to it that aren't always needed. Because how I mentioned above, I know how I sorted it so I know where what is, it's like the saying "Don't clean a guys room coz he knows where what is". So the "column count" setting isn't useful either. Would be much better to have a list like in MSI AB.

This is just my idea, the lest stuff starts and runs the better, less clock cycles used xd


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