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Journeyman III

Fullscreem/Borderless freesync problem.


I have problem with Freesync in games. My overall gaming experience seems to be better when I play in Boredless mode. I tested in few games like "BFV", Path of Exile etc. Fullscreen seems to somehow stutter. The problem seems to be more visible in online games. It feels that freesync is nort working in fullscreen correctly. When i switch  to bordless screen mode all is fluid and smooth. Any idea why? I do not mind playing in bordeless mode but I 've heared that average fps might be lower. All drivers updated ofc. Any ideas?


My PC:

Ryzen 3700x

5700xt Sapphire 

16 Gb ddr 4 3200

Windows 10 

AOC 32 inch CQ32g1

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same here,  5700xt Saphire nitro+ 

I said this since february 3rd that I got my card Ive been ignored since

Adept III

Same. Saphire 5700 Pulse.

The only solution is to recommend to your entire environment that you never buy anything AMD. It is what I am doing. These clowns do not solve anything.

Does enabling "disable fullscreen optimizations" for the game's exe file make freesync work normally for you? If it does we are probably experiencing the same thing. I wrote my findings here: 

Be warned I've had BSODs caused by relive and the radeon overlay with "disable fullscreen optimizations" enabled. So probably best to disable the overlay if you're going to try it.


Freesync is really bad in many version of AMD graphic software. I bought ACER monitor to use Freesync but unfortunately, Freesync make my screen flickering.  ASUS 5600 XT


There are two kinds of issues with FreeSync. The problem arises either as stuttering or as flickering. So even though these two problems seem different, their source is the same. 

nVidia introduced the adaptive sync feature to the drivers only for a certain number of monitors in the beginning. Models outside of this list had similar problems that you usually experienced (sometimes for some games). However, nVidia has increased the monitor support list with each driver update and continues.

In short... FreeSync feature is a problem that can be fixed with driver updates, and the display driver may exhibit different FreeSync behavior depending on monitor models (or some games).

So this is ... Users who have problems with FreeSync should report the situation to AMD. You need to provide AMD with monitor model, game name, game resolution and hertz values, game graphic detail information and ask for a fix. Hopefully your problem will be resolved soon with driver updates. Follow that link to send mail to an AMD technical support person...