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Full pc freeze during Dota 2 match

full pc freeze did happen during dota 2 match and this is first time.

Last 6 months I did not have any problem like this in dota 2.

Only change is new cpu and sam enabled and I played around 20 games without problem. Dota 2 is very smooth now with new cpu.

Yesterday I did unlimit fps.

Company of heroes 3 have similar problem with full pc freez and it will happen once after around 20 games and I did contact game developers and they did confirm existence of problem and they work on fix.

My report about same problem but in company of heroes 3

5800x3d---6700xt---b450---4x8gb ram---850w psu.

radeon software v23.4.1

no cpu and gpu overclock but xmp is on and ram set to 3200mhz and I have latest drivers and agesa v1.2.0.7

Dota 2 did work with rx6700xt and ryzen 2700x and xmp on set to 3200mhz without problem for 6 months.

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For testing I done gpu oc 2700-2800mhz vram 2150  fast timings power limit +15%

3dmark, horizon zero dawn 1h, one dota 2 match and all is good.

cpu temp up to 68c wraith prism max rpm and gpu temp up to 50c and junction temp 70-73c but fans can spin faster.



I get this issue. Full freeze and need hard reset. Happens on newer driver. Then I try to use previous driver and error still happen. Dunno what happens.

NOTE: I get this error when first setting  I always use cap it 120hz, but then just wanna try how it feels 144hz and get this issue and cannot gone even when I make it back to 120hz.

Workaround: Because I see now the thread about directx thing issue, so try use vulkan on Dota 2, it fix my problem.


Thanks for bring up this, I post a thread about this but not showing in the forum (maybe rejected).

MSI B550 Pro-VDH - MSI 6600XT - Ryzen 5600G
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It did not happen again when playing dota 2, it did happen only 1 time.