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Journeyman III

Frycry5 with 2xHD8970M

Can you play Frycry5 with 2xHD8970M cards??

If not why is it can play assassin's Creed Origans which has the same  minimum spec on full??  I get about 30fps

The game will boot and play foir a some time (about 5mins give or take)then the screen will lock up.

I email Uplay about it and they say I need to upgrade my crads..

Are they just passing the buck??

I try runing in on just one card,, tuen off avast, run min setting, ect

By system is a fellows..


Metabox laptop


Redeon Software Adrerlain 18.3.4

Asus Display Devices

16GB ram

2 Replies

Your viudeocard not strong enough Ubisoft is right unfortunately need to find a Videocard to suit minimum requirements. With my original build could run Farcry4 no issues. Rule of thumb with Farcry series if you could run 4 comftably you can & should run 5 without issues. I hate to say its not Ubisoft or Uplay hate to say Ubisoft are right & you maybe wrong. Ubisoft have improved there ways in the last few years they finally got back to releasing decently optimised games again for the first in many years. You need a decent card to play Farcry & most Laptop graphics cards arnt supported by Ubisoft on first release of a new full release game.

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Please use your original thread.

Frycry5 with 2xHD8970M