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Journeyman III

Freshrate settings

I can't find the option for the refresh rate setting within the AMD driver control panel
The problem is this, when I play an old game called MTASA (GTASA multi play) I find that when I run the game in full screen I can only run it at 60hz, but I'm using a 144hz monitor

On the contrary, when I play mtasa on my friend's PC I can run the game at 144hz in full screen mode, and he has a nvidia gtx 1060, And my video card is an RX 570.I can find the option to set the refresh rate to the highest in nvidia's graphics panel but I can't find it in AMD driver.

The other thing is that I can't enable ambient occlusion for this game via AMD, but NVIDIA cards can easily enable it via nvidia inspector, I wish AMD would come up with a tool like nvidia inspector.

I hope the AMD team can tackle these issues in the next update

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