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Adept II

Frequent crashes with HBCC memory segment Enabled 19.2.2

I think I have narrowed down issues with my Gigabyte Vega OC 64 to the HBCC memory segment setting in Radeon. Turned on I'm experiencing AMD driver crashes where the screen goes blank for a couple minutes and then restores with a message saying the Radeon driver had been reset. This is only when doing heavy graphics work or benchmarking. Turned off, I'm not getting these crashes.

Anyone else having an issue? I have always had the HBCC memory segment enabled without issue.

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I've been messing with HBCC for a long while and have always had issues with it. I thought I fixed it at some point because I found out that my system memory settings wasn't completely stable. After I fixed that it seemed to prolong me being able to play without issue until something did happen. A specific game is still seems to happen all the time to me is in Black Ops 4.

I only get BSODs now when a game uses more than 8GB of VRAM on my Vega 56 while I have the HBCC on and set to about 12.5GB. The BSOD mentions atikmdag.sys causing the issue and from what I have read, that's a component of AMD's drivers. When HBCC is off, this doesnt happen.

It seems to me that this HBCC feature has been broken since the beginning and was never fixed. I wish AMD would do something about it because it's such a GREAT feature for Vega. Games like FFXV, for one example, that use a crazy amount of VRAM benefit from it, HBCC really smooths out the gameplay with Textures maxed out. 


Ryzen 7 1700 @3.85GHz

Asus X470 Strix mobo

4x8GB DDR4 3200mhz G.Skill Trident Z RGB

Msi Radeon RX Vega 56

750w Thermaltake Gold Rated PSU

Edit: A crash is also happening in Gears 5 too with HBCC enabled. It's something like GPU was removed and the game crashes to desktop. If I turn off HBCC, this doesn't happen.


Have the same issues with 64. 

I was thinking about conflict with something inside like ramcache but no. 

Tested games MechWarrior 5 - CRITICALLY INCREASES FPS in 4k even can go with high\maximum, but crashes after finishing mission, when HBCC OFF.

Transport Fever 2 - begin to switch materials and drop loads, it goes crazy.


But works fine for me in Unreal engine 4.=\ But when does some game is beginning to work after 15sec-2hours it goes crazy with materials and textures they are constantly crashing some wit bsod of atikmg... 

Adept I

It's the 20th of february 2020, i'm still getting this issue. As soon as a game exceeds 8gb of vram (mhw with hr texture pack for example) textures become corrupt and soon after i'll get a bsod. Does amd not care about vega users anymore?
Specs: R5 3600, 16gb 3600mhz ram, Vega 64 Strix


These type of issues should be reported to AMD > 


I've personally reported this issue multiple times over the couple years I've had this GPU, and with the 2020 drivers, the HBCC feature doesn't seems to work in any games now that use more than 8GB of VRAM, some games don't even start when it's enabled.

These problems with these drivers are getting really out of hand. This problem has existed for a while, we have no hint from AMD of this issue being attempted to be resolved.


Just want to inform you that they've finally fixed HBCC in their latest driver release for Vega cards!

If you look at the Fixed Issues for driver version 20.3.1 you'll see they fixed the issue for when a game uses more than 8GB of VRAM with HBCC enabled. This fixed HBCC for every single game that it was giving me issues with.

Wow, they took their time. afaik, thats the whole point a major feature of hbcc - to use ram as part of the gpu cache pool - & it DONT WORK.

That said, pcie 4 is a boon for that if similar could be done on Navi - a 32GB/s pcie link    is not bad at all.