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Adept I

Frequent BSODs with RX560

Good day. In August, I installed a new video card (PX 560) and began to periodically receive errors and BSOD. The driver crashes and tries to restore it. At first it turned out successfully, but then he begin to create BSOD. Most often this happens when I watching videos on YouTube and trying to switch between browser tabs
My config:
Intel i5 650 3.2 Ghz
4 gigabytes of RAM
Radeon RX 560 4 gb (driver 20.12.1, but these accidents were and with older versions)
Win 7 64bit build 7601

P. S. Also, Windows doesn't do automatical reload after this BSOD

2 Replies

Create a new Windows and update your definitions from the manufacturer, as well as do not install other definitions next to your computer, which means you must install your graphics card driver only, as well as if the problem persists, clean your computer from dust and dirt as well as RAM, etc. and be careful during Clean up the machine


There is my dump file

Also, I clean PC from dust when I set my card in system block and try to set up more old drivers, but no changes,