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Adept I

[FRENCH] L'ordinateur se bloque lorsqu'on installe les pilotes AMD



Lorsque j'installe les pilotes AMD pour une RX 6700 XT, et que je redémarre l'ordinateur. Je passe l'écran de connexion de Windows 11, et une fois que j'arrive sur mon bureau, plus rien ne veut se lancer, aucun logiciel, ni l'explorateur windows.

Lorsque je redémarre mon pc en mode sans echec, que je désinstalle les pilotes AMD et que je redémarre le pc, là, je n'ai plus de problèmes.

Mais dès que j'installe les pilotes AMD, mon ordinateur devient inutilisable. Que faire ?



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English translation of OP:

Screenshot 2024-05-07 122854.png

Please translate your next reply into English since this is a English Only Forum.


Sounds like you have some sort of conflict with your AMD driver.


First install the latest AMD Driver for your RX6700XT:


If the problem continues then install a previous AMD Driver to see if the issue is fixed with an older driver installed from here:


Make sure to use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and delete if created C:\AMD installation folder. after DDU reboots back into Windows install the driver and see if it fixes the problem.


If the latest AMD driver is not working and a previous AMD Driver fixes your problem then open a AMD SUPPORT TICKET and let them know from here:


NOTE: IF neither latest or previous AMD driver fixes your problem then boot into a Windows Clean Desktop and enable the AMD driver and see if it works. If it does that would indicate a 3rd party driver or app has a conflict with the AMD Driver.


How to do a Clean boot into Windows: How to perform a clean boot in Windows 

Adept I

hello, I tried with the latest driver and the old driver, it does not solve the problem. I will try the third solution

When you install the AMD Driver again can you upload a GPU-Z image to see if the driver is working correctly and showing the correct data for your GPU card?


Also what does Device Manger show? Any error showing?


Just for troubleshooting purposes, go into Windows Settings - Core Isolation and temporary disable it and see if it fixes your problem after rebooting.


Also run this simple line command in a elevated Command Prompt or Powershell: SFC /scannow

It will check to make sure your Windows OS is not corrupted or missing files.


I still have a problem with my GPU. I remove the drivers with DDU. I install the new drivers. I restart the computer once, it works. On the sixth reboot, I get this message


"This version of AMD Software that you have launched it not compatible with your currently installed AMD graphics driver"

But I installed driver for RX 6700 XT....


capture .png


the computer is stuck on the desktop again as soon as I install the drivers