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Freezings in Battlefield V with ReLive enabled


i have a problem with my 5700XT in Battlefield V while ReLive, espacially Instant Replay is enabled. 

The error only occurs in Battlefield V.

The game is freezing for around 0,5 seconds every 5-10 seconds. 

When i minimize the game and pull it back up, the freezing stops until i change loadout, die or open the menu. 

I tried different settings, leaving all at Stock, changing bitrate, saving on SSD or system memory, AVC or HEVC, no difference.

I have the stuttering/freeze for quite a while now, don't know the exact date but i think at least since beginning of 2020. 

Yesterday i built a setup for a friend of mine, 5700XT again, same error in Battlefield V.

My specs: 

R9 3950X

RX 5700XT

64 GB RAM 3200Mhz

Gigabyte Aorus Master

PCIe x4 NVME SSD for Windows

PCIe x2  m.2 for Games, like Battlefield 

Maybe some of you can help me with my problem or there is even a fix comming for that. 

Best regards,


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Journeyman III

Re: Freezings in Battlefield V with ReLive enabled