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Journeyman III

Freezes + crash in PUBG with 18.3.1


I also wrote this on the PUBG forum, but ever since the new drivers I seem to get random (no specific trigger) freezes (and after that game-crash) in PUBG with the new adrenaline 18.3.1 drivers.
Re-rolling back to the 18.2.2 drivers gives absolutely no problem, with 18.2.2 I am getting no freezes etc. So seems to be a driver issue. I used DDU to wipe my system clean of AMD drivers, however it does not fix the problem I am encountering.

System specs:

Rx 470 OC+ 8 gb sapphire, on x64 Win 10, i7 6700, 2133 mhz corsair 8 gb Ram on a Z170 pro gaming ASUS mobo.

2 Replies

If AMD 18.2.2 works fine why update? There is not much difference between the latest and the version the works. Are you having a problem with 18.2.2 driver that only updating will fix? If not. stay with the 18.2.2. Don't update just for the sake of updating.

Yeah, I re-rolled back to 18.2.2 but I was hoping to notify others or have others their opinion about this, and maybe AMD is able to fix this problem.