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Journeyman III

Freesync trouble with HD 7750 and lg 24g600f-b

Hello, I just got a new lg 24gl600f-b which supports freesync on 48-144Hz, but I just can't get it to work. Saw in the freesync FAQ that gpus hd7000 and newer support freesync.


ASUS radeon HD 7750 gpu

AMD FX-4170

8 gigs of ram

Display Port 1.2


Windows 10 Pro N Edition

Radeon software Version: 20.4.1.

I have enabled both basic and extended freesync from my monitor OSD.

My displayport 1.2 is also enabled from the OSD.

Tried with multiple refresh rates, on different games.

I also tried on freesync windmill.

I just can't turn the option on. I suspect the software is not detecting that my display supports freesync. I also updated the monitor drivers from device manager (downloaded LG's driver) and the display name changed from generic pnp monitor to lg 24gl600f-b.

I also uninstalled drivers with both DDU and the built in AMD clean install. Then reinstalled different versions of the radeon software. 
Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

Edit: I also tried 2 different hdmi cables, the one that came with the monitor and my old one. Still no luck. Both these cables maxed out at 120Hz.

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Journeyman III

Re: Freesync trouble with HD 7750 and lg 24g600f-b

GCN 1代的HD7750不支持freesync,需要GCN1.1以上的显卡才支持freesync