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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

Freesync Problem

I have a problem, when I open a game, in this case of steam, I run it and everything is normal, it happens that when I receive a message from a friend or an invitation, the game lowers my fps and freezes for as long as it lasts the notification on the screen, when the notification goes away, the game is back to normal. This also happens to me when I try to change a Spotify song within a game, when the song appears at the top left, the fps still drops as long as it remains there. I know that the problem is Freesync cause if i disable that, everything is normal even with things appearing in my screen but the game doesnt run smoothly.

It happens when everything, also if i change the volume of the music its freezes. Any solution please. I use DDU to reinstall the driver of the graphic card but it doesnt fixed it. I have a RX 580 

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