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Journeyman III

Freesync not working as it should ?

Hello, since i bought rx 580 i thought it will be good if i buy new freesync monitor too, so I bought AOC G2460VQ6 which was on sale. This monitor freesync range is 35-75 Hz and it also supports LFC. My expectations werent high, but what really got me that its absolutely not working. I thought freesync will reduce in game tearing and game should look more smooth. But! I tried to cap my fps to 50 in the divison 2 and the game is massively stuttering. Also, when playing battlefield V any drop below my native refresh rate (75Hz) makes the screen absolutely choppy.

I tried to install monitor drivers, i tried HDMI and Display Port, I have enabled freesync in radeon settings.

What is funny, when i turn freesync off all these problems are gone. Is there any way to fix that ?

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Journeyman III


I'd like to say that I *just* had this problem on Driver Version 19.7.2 with a Fiji series GPU over HDMI.

The fix was a driver update. I suspect a driver rollback would have done the same.

If you are curious, yes: FreeSync stability, input lag reduction, and screen flicker effects vary wildly with driver versions. I've had problems with bad driver versions, but never *that* bad.

These latest driver versions also do not work with the (leaked) AMD Windmill demo, as the demo now fails to clamp the FPS and will run at insanal rates.

Oddly, NVIDIA's G-Sync demo works fine, you just can't toggle FreeSync on/off in the menu. It still demonstrates its functionality, however.

I realize this reply is months late to help you (or you already updated your driver and that may have helped), but this shows up on Google, so maybe it will help someone.