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Adept II

Freesync Fickering with every monitor

Hello guys, i have a Vega64 and since my olrd monitor broke i'm having terrible flickering with any one one i try.
I tried the C34F791, know to have some problem with flickering (shoudn't have any with vega), terrible in any range.
Then i tried the C34H890, same story.

So i changed monitor category and bought a C27HG70, know to have NO flickering at all, same problem, terrible flickering as soon as i turn on freesync.

I tried different driver, from the latest beta to the old whql 19.5.2 (that i'm currently running with no success), what can i do? I was no sure about the first two but the C27HG70 should be 99% flicker free, i even changed dp cable but nothing changed.

Any help?

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Adept I

How bad is the flickering? Is it unbearable? I have the C32HG70 and I heard it uses AC/PWM, whereas the C27 uses DC and it doesn't alternate so it should be more consistent. For me the flicker really isn't that noticeable and doesn't retract from the experience, worth the pros over the cons. It's somewhat natural if you have large/fast FPS swings between 70-144 fps. If it's consistent at say 90-100fps and you still get bad flicker then I would find it strange. Go to the monitor OSD menu and look at 'Information' and watch the Hz while in-game.

I would blame the monitor before blaming the graphics card. I went between both team red and green on my C32 and flickering/freesync is the same experience visually.

Adept III

hi, it is the fault of refreshing the monitor and the software for it, uninstall the software from the monitor and leave only drivers for it, reduce the refresh rate, for example, 144hz to 120hz
Adept III

and if you have an afterburner, use it only to monitor GPU components, don't use it for cooling control