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FreeSync, Enhanced Sync and/or Vsync regimes

I realize that FAR more people in the community are invested in super high frame rate, first person shooter gaming and spend thousands to scratch that itch. However, there are still quite a few of us who enjoy playing in open worlds at 1080p with previous generation hardware. As even older games become more demanding with the latest updates, my question is how to tune my GPU to monitor synchronization to get the smoothest framerate possible (without considering actual game quality settings). 

As an example, let's assume a Radeon 6xxx GPU and a 48-144Hz FreeSync monitor. I look at this as having 3 monitor operating regimes (below, within and above refresh range) and 5 gaming regimes (assuming the game is not CPU bound). My thoughts on each regime are simply guesses based on reading way to many online posts and doing a bit of ad hoc testing. However, I'd really like to know what the experts in this forum believe is the right combo in each of the regimes, but especially the first two.

1) GPU continuously below monitor MIN - e.g., 25-40Hz
[If FreeSync Premium, enable & rely on LFC with EnhSync & VSync=OFF; Otherwise use either RSR or Radeon Boost & reduce Quality until you get 95% above 48Hz; Alternatively, use VSync & frame limiting to set GPU FPS to half of monitor refresh?]

2) GPU straddles monitor MIN - e.g., 40-60Hz
[Same as above]

3) GPU between monitor MIN-MAX - e.g., 60-120Hz
[Any version of FreeSync=ON with EnhSync & VSync OFF; RSR & Boost are optional]

4) GPU straddles monitor MAX - e.g., 125-160Hz
[Any version of FreeSync=ON & EnhSync=ON; VSync=OFF & Boost=OFF; RSR & Chill are optional]

5) GPU continuously above MAX - e.g., 160-220Hz
[FreeSync=ON; Enhanced Sync=ON; Chill & Anti-Lag are options; Consider turning up Quality settings]

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