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Freesync disabling itself when exit desktop and re-enter game in fullscreen

Hello to the community. 

After 12 years I got again an AMD GPU, the Sapphire 5700 XT Nitto +

I have the AOC c32g1 freesync monitor connected on DisplayPort with my GPU

I got familiar with ADRENALIN software, I have the latest version 20.2.2

Windows 10 

So the problem I noticed is that while gaming (px Battlefield V) I have freesync on both in software and monitor and it works fine. But if I want to ALT+TAB or W Key exit to the desktop for a moment to do something else and then re-enter to full screen game, then freesync is not active. it is like I am in off mode. 

 If exit again to desktop to check the freesync checkbox, it is still on, but returning to the game, it feels off.

 I toggle it and again is the same. 


 The weird thing is that if I top the game again, turn off the monitor and turn it on immediately, then freesync goes on again flawlessly. 

 I didn't find anything to explain that, but to me, it is a fact. 

 It is normal behavior?

 In my previous G-sync experience never had that, I toggled to desktop and re-entering game and G-sync over freesync monitor worked normal, no interruption.

 Is there a setting I can use because I want to be able to go to the desktop and In-game again and retain the freesync 

 It is vital for my gaming experience and I don't want to turn on and off my monitor every time I exit to desktop while gaming.

 Thanks in advance,

 Otherwise, I am very happy for my 5600 XT performance so far. It is an excellent GPU for the money

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