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Freesync color stutter issues

Hi! currently I'm using an RX570 from msi, not overclocked or anything but it is used for vr sometimes via my oculus Rift S.

Anyway I'm mainly having issues with some full screen games like Genshin Impact or Outriders, games that put a bit more stress on the gpu. Lethal League for example is unaffected by this.

The issue is that after any loading screen, or whenever loading a new area, i get a few seconds of frame lag and then the colors on my screen begin to stutter, the screen doesn't go black at all but this random hue changing is concerning. The problem stopped all together when I turned of FreeSync and i couldn't trigger it with FreeSync off no matter what i tried.

After looking through the forum a bit i looked into my FreeSync Range which is reported at 48 to 144 hz. Ik that's too much but i don't know how to change it. Any other possible solutions i would also love to hear.

Thanks for your time.

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