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Adept I
Adept I

FreeSync, 30fps, and possible solution for the menace.


Today I was reading that just another game is being capped to 30fps, which simply means that the abomnation will be horrifying flickery menace with my BenQ FreeSync monitor.

So, I figured to come here to post little plea for means to actually get these games to be alrite, as at this bad framerate it's actually hard to even get what's going on at the game.

Would it be possible to get:

  • Duplicated frames till refresh rate?
  • Option to duplicate frames by 2x 3x 4x etc.
  • Both, aka duplicate 2x 3x 4x till refresh rate, or fps cap.

Even though the issue is in the developers, I'd imagine both of first two options to relieve the pain at many games, especially the eastern ones. Then also to be honest, I wouldn't mind bumping Dragon Age: Inquisition cutscene frames also like this.

Then because there are games like DA:I which will cap fps only at specific scenario, third option would give some overall sanity for the duplicated frames, or for other weird fps combo needs.

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