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FPS Limiter for Vulkan, OpenGL, DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and DirectX 12

Hi everyone.

I created a framerate control tool with support for most common APIs, since the control panel doesn't have this functionality. Features:

  • Supports Vulkan, OpenGL, DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and DirectX 12.
  • High-precision timing (usually more accurate than the game's built-in limiter).
  • In-game adjustments via keyboard shortcuts.
  • Very lightweight and efficient.
  • No installation / drivers / administrative privileges required. Just extract the files and run.
  • Wide compatibility with overclocking tools and overlays.

Anyone interested can view additional details and download from my blog:

Kind regards

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What's wrong with this one?


Well, to start mine works with any cards (e.g. older models, Intel, Nvidia), allows to set values of any range, works with more APIs (therefore with Vulkan, OpenGL and DirectX 12 games), allows to adjust in-game via keyboard shortcuts, is likely more accurate, is more lightweight, etc.

I could describe additional details but you most likely have no interest and didn't even test it, so if you're happy with what you use then by all means stick with it. If I had something that worked for me I wouldn't have bothered creating it.


I see that you named your blog after a Biotic God game .

Most experienced Users are kinda wary of downloading unknown software or from unknown sources without some sort of local or national or international repudiation or at least reviews from other sources about their software.

Your website seems to be professional in appearance and I couldn't find any type of information concerning your Blog website on Google Search.

So I guess from Word of mouth would be your way of getting recognition for your new APP.


Well OK, but I find it humorous that people are suspicious of software that doesn't come from a large company even though:

  • The description clearly states it doesn't even require installation / drivers / administrative privileges.
  • It doesn't even read/write any file, apart from the configuration file which is clearly documented (this can be easily verified with tools like Process Explorer from Sysinternals).
  • It doesn't even read/write to the registry (can be verified same as above).
  • It doesn't try to access the internet in any way (can be verified with any network monitoring tool).

Yet the same people probably have no problem with the bloatware from large companies whose sole purpose is to collect information from users (i.e. telemetry), which nowadays is in pretty much everything, including the "full" suites of graphic drivers.

One reason I included the link to my blog instead of linking to files directly is so people can see I created other mods and if you check them on NexusMods you can see my mods have thousands of downloads and endorsements over several years.

BTW: In case you don't know, ironically Blogspot is actually operated by Google.


What you just posted will probably convince other Users to try out your APP.  At least they see that your APP doesn't do any changes to the Windows OS in any way that may be harmful. (taking your word on this).

What you stated is quite true. But they generally include disclaimer about the Telemetry they collect.

I wasn't criticizing your App, Just stating a fact that most Users are wary of downloading unknown software from sources unknown to them.  but the main reason is fearful of infecting your computer with a difficult virus. There are many software being advertised that are basically a scam or ripoff or even install Malware. But you can always google the software to see if there are any complaints.

Just curious, but exactly how does the APP interact with Windows or the GPU to do what you say it does without changing WIndows OS or does it change the GPU driver to achieve it purpose?

Hey, Hope your software becomes successful especially with Gamers.


You don't need to take my word. Try it out in a virtual machine and you can easily verify what I posted with the tools I suggested. Alternatively take a look at my mods on NexusMods, or view the thread at ReShade (link is in the blog page) where you can see people far more knowledgeable/experienced than you already tested it.

What the app does is basically monitor games and when they are launched it makes modifications in the same way modifying the game source code to implement that functionality would do. It doesn't affect anything else. It's actually far less intrusive than any other similar app (again you can confirm this with the tools I mentioned).

Also, these forums are monitored by AMD and they would never allow malicious content.