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Journeyman III

FPS Drop Issue - After the 21.4.1 Uptade of the AMD Software

Two days  ago (20/04/2021) , LoL starts  having some FpS issues  in my desktop so i go  check out if theres any  new update of  the  GPU software , in the next  day  (21/04/2021) I've already  downloaded the  new 21.4.1 driver and  everything seemed fine till  for no reason at all ,  the FPS ratio starts  flickering and stuttering all of the sudden making it unplayable and the problem seems to  appear after I start League  and after  I Alt+Tab  in any circumstances . In the driver notes  this is marked as a known  issue but  there  isn't anything I can do to  sove it , can  anybody  help me  out  in this  situation with any sort of  information pleaase ! Thanks !