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Journeyman III

fps drop after driver update

Hi, I have recently updated my " AMD Radeon R5 M200 / HD 8500M " graphic card, also I have updated my "Intel HD Graphics 4600" in case this helps in something but I have noticed huge fps drop, lets say in few games, but few other games kept the performance, for exampe, before the update I had 50-60fps playing fortnite, 70-90fps playing CS:GO, after the update I am having 1-5fps with fornite but i am still having 70-90fps with CS:GO. I didn't change anything related to the game settings, I just updated the driver, entered the game and got shocked by that fps drop. I don't know what was my previous driver version and I don't have any previous version on my pc as I have used DDU to get rid of any old drivers. If you need any other information, just ask for it.

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Re: fps drop after driver update

Journeyman III

Re: fps drop after driver update

I have the same problem, On fortnite i have FPS drops. It was stable 85- 60. Now i play with 20-40 but more stable on 20-30.

Information and specs of the laptop: 

Dell inspiron 5567

Graphic card: AMD R7 M445


Driver version: Adrenaline 18.5.2 (the fps drops also happened in 18.5.1)

Windows 10 64

CPU: I7 Intel 7500U  @ 2.70Ghz (4cpus) ~2.9

Bios : 1.2.3 (as written in dxdiag im not sure if thats what you need)