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Adept II

Fortnite freezes/crashes every time i open the game in latest driver 18.8.1

  • AMD Graphics Card
    • Ati Radeon 8600m 2GB
  • Desktop or Laptop System
    • Hp Laptop pavilion-14-e000
  • Operating System
    • E.g. Windows 10 64bit
  • Driver version installed
    • E.g. Radeon 18.8.1
    • Intel i7 3.2Ghz 4702mq
  • RAM
    • 12GB  

I am experiencing huge crash rate in the latest update of 18.8.1 in fortnite and not in any other games whenever I try to play the game it stucks in the lobby or mid game and the whole system freezes which is very irritating because I have to force shutdown my system which can also lead to os corruption. Plz AMD fix this issue as EPIC says its a driver issue and I don't know whos issue is this but in the last update ur release notes said it's been fixed but it's not plz create a hotfix for mobile devices as well.

A lot of the user are experiencing this. waiting for the next patch

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Adept II

And this definitely confirms that it's a driver issue not a game issue

Adept III

check the VRM speed as I've found 18.1.1 is applying the absolute minimum speed available for my Vega64 of 800MHz despite the "default" for the card being 940MHz. this was causing crashes and stuttering in FH3.

To check open Wattman and look at the VRAM settings, set your chosen speed and close then reopen wattman, if you find the VRAM has reset to lowest level use DDU and reinstall last working driver (in my case it was 18.7.1) It also seems Wattman will NOT apply and saved OC profile correctly as the same thing happens VRAM is set to absolute minimum speed.

Way to go AMD does no-one CHECK these things or are you just using us as Guinea Pigs?????


Has nothing to do with the OP. Laptops do not have the same settings available as desktop graphics.


watt man only supports 4xx cards i have only global override


Wattman only supports desktop graphics. It does not have the same options as a desktop graphics card.


OK but it DOES have some relevance as IF the software package IS defaulting VRAM to minimum this COULD be the reason for the crashes.

It certainly caused my PC to experience multiple crashes in-game...

My advice would still be to roll back to version 18.7.1 or the WHQL of 18.5.1 as 18.8.1 CLEARLY has a major fault in it. Whether you can set VRAM on the laptop or not..


I have tried 18.3.3/18.5.1/18.8.1 nothing works..I guess there is something related to memory of gpu...bcos in the log files it says out of memory..! And then shutting down fortnite n all that stuff..

But amd support said they are working on it and it's a top priority

I hope they fix this


As far as i know amd they wont fix it becouse fortnite is not optimized for amd if you want to play normal buy nvidia like many ppl here did before after no improvement over last years with driver problems.

Adept II

Amd u didn't  fixed the problem yet it's been a month now..what the hell such a bad support..!!!


I got exactly the same issue, the game is getting frozen on startup. The music continues but the computer screen is frozen ! 

It seems a driver issue, AMD can you please help !! this is really frustrating 

It started only a week ago 


Thanks for the support