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Fortnite FPS Drops, Stuttering when Using DX11/12 and Performance Mode

Hey! we have issue with drivers to play fortnite (performance mode). 

With dx12 i can play solid 200fps lock but with performance mode it’s 70 fps. We need new drivers for AMD to play it correctly. Thank you!



3600x, 16gbram, radeon rx5700xt.


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It worked for me on my RX 6600 XT, it continues to use below 100% gpu usage on DX11, but removed the stuttering, on New Wold and Fortnite




I am glad it worked, so now then we just have to spread the word and make AMD aware of this, so that they may be able to fix it themselves.

Still nothing, it doesn't help at all ..
When I turn off freesync on my 144hz monitor it's completely unplayable, right now I'm currently playing dx12 on high graphics settings with no shadows and I'm getting around 200 fps +- but the stuttering is just still there unfortunately and it's not clean.


I am sorry it did not work, maybe it works different for different people since they have different hardware.

It did work for me though, and others seems to have received help too.

I do play Fortnite at DirectX11 and not 12 since 12 is not stable in Fortnite yet and for me sometimes it stutters in lobby even with DX12 and sometimes it don't but DX11 always works well.

And did you also disable Windows 10 gaming mode?

Maybe my card needs to be rma’d I followed that video to just about the t and still the same, dx11 completely unplayable, dx12 is playable but hardly. Stutter makes ruins it, and has happened in fights.


Check out this video.. really, it's crazy.
dx12 :

And yes, I turned off the gaming mod


I did watch the videos and they looked similar. And you too stutter at spawn island, I do too, but after it it becomes smooth for me.

If nothing helps send back the card perhaps, because playing should be a smooth experience. I am serious with that I play Fortnite smooth now with Epic settings, as it is indented to be. No more stuttering, and this is how it is supposed to be for everyone, even for you.

The only last advice I can give you is to try some more, since getting a stutter free experience is possible with AMD. And maybe playing more games will help out, if you cleared out cache it may take time to build it up anew.

Also, try disabling Radeon anti-lag, since I do have it disabled.

Also, I did not disable ULPS in registry because I play with RDNA2, and this was more directed towards the previous generations of cards.

This is a more updated video from the same user, maybe it has some more recommendations that will work:


Okay, thanks.
I'll try to think of something else, but I'm really wondering if amd/fortnite is going to do anything about it, because I don't think this is right. Basically the most played game in the world and it's making such a mess. From what I've looked at on google, there are millions of forums about the rx 6000 series where there are problems from people and it's not just Fortnite.

So my buddy brought over his 3080 today to try in my rig, clean install of drivers after a ddu uninstall and still had the same fortnite stutter…. Caldera warzone on the other hand was good! No more stutter! I’m starting to think this could be more to do with cpu related issues now on fortnite, I bought a r9 5900 that I will try on Friday and see if that helps. My buddy with the 3080 insisted that my stuttering looked normal and that he has the same thing happen on his rig, but he is also using a amd processor.


Did you try both D11 and D12 and it still stuttered in Fortnite?

It seems to me if stutters could be avoided in Warzone, it should be possible in Fortnite too. As I said, I play smooth now in Fortnite and I have only a i5-8600k!

It is possible servers can be blamed too, because when I remember playing completely smooth the days before today, today, it has been some noticeable stuttering here and there. But I could say my stuttering issue has been solved by disabling Windows 10 gaming mode and following the other recommendations in AMD optimization videos.

The next CPU I will buy will be the Ryzen 7000 series x3d.

Also, if I were you, I would have bought the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, it would have given you up to 10 more fps in games like Cyberpunk 2077. See this video:

The X3D CPU was made with gaming in mind and it is really a revolutionary CPU since even though it is slower, it has much higher cache and this benefits gaming. Other than that, they are pretty similar. I wonder what benefit the next version of it will bring!


@RomatebitegeL are you a amd rep? Lol, both seem to go hand in hand in games. Sometimes the 5800x3d out performing the 5900x, and visa versa. If I the stutter persists this will be more than likely my last amd purchase for gpu or cpu! I would like to enjoy my games and not have to deal with this ever again.


Guys I'm planning to buy RX 6600XT card but after this post I'm concern because I play most of the time Fortnite and Warzone time to time Apex... Did you recommend from experience to buy it or it's better to go with RTX 3060? 
P.S. Now I have 1060 6gb with 5600x and I doesn't have any stutter on 1080p all settings low only draw distance high and textures on medium dx12 and average fps its 180 1%low maybe 150fps.... but from the other side warzone is unplayable on my card even on low settings max fps 70 with drops to 50fps thats why I want new card.... 






AMD is worse in both GPU and CPU, compared to Intel and NVidea, I recommend you buy the RTX3060 and if one day AMD fixes the DX11 and the stuttering for good, then you think about going back to it, the right thing is the AMD fix the problems, not your users

Ok I'm satisfy from the cpu 5600x but need good gpu for that games I mention... you say to skip 6600xt...   maybe is best to spend little bit more money and buy 3060ti



Don't buy anything now, wait 3-4 months, the new RTX 4000 series is coming out I'll be changing too, I swapped nvidia for amd once and it was a huge mistake unfortunately. I'm also waiting for the RTX 4000 series

I would never have expected a company like AMD to have such problems, which is why I didn't even read anything about the RX 6000 series and bought it straight away, but alas. AMD has disappointed me a lot.


Same here. GPU: 6800 XT. High Stuttering in Fortnite (unplaybale DX11&DX12), and medium Suttering in Warzone. Tried everything. Different Bios and Agesa Versions, Windows 10 & Windows 11, different Chipset Drivers & different GPU Drivers.

Many many Bios Tweaks. CPPC, Global C-State. Force P0 etc. PSS and anything else cpu related.

What i can say is, that the first round after an fresh install of Windows and Drivers (22.5.2) Auto Setup with Chipset included is "ok". But after 1 Round the Stutter comes back. Maybe Memory Leak or scheduling Problem?


@vlat4e1 i can confirm back when I useing a r5 3600 and 3060ti I did not have any of these problems, granted fortnite still stuttered with my buddy’s 3080 but warzone caldera was butter smooth. I’d recommend nvidia over amd in the gpu department if you can afford it.


thanks but It will take so much time for 4060ti or 4060 first they release the expensive card like 4080 4070 4090 then after 10 months 4060ti after that 4060 and 4050 etc... it will take one year of waiting.... LOL
I will buy 3060TI and that's it... thanks for sharing experience and GOOD LUCK guys with this problem with stutter.  

@vlat4e1 all 3xxx cards might drop in price though when 4xxx launch. But you’ll prob only be saving about 100 bucks. If you have no card at all now I’d just buy what you want.


420usd is 6600xt and 520usd is 3060Ti in my country and I dont think so that will be in near future below this price for example the 1660 super and 1660ti it sell for 430usd also 1070 for same price... for now I have 1060 6gb but I am playing Fortnite stable 190 fps average on low 1080p only medium textures and draw distance on high but on warzone I cant get more then 70 and drops fps to 50 60 all on low and its unplayable.... I was done to buy 6600xt but when see this post change my mind now Iam targeting for 3060TI for sure XD   


Hi Matt,

Any new news ? The problem started 8 months already and AMD fix it for RDNA 2 like they said in the 22.6.1 release notes.

so can you atleast update the thread and share with us, in which state the fix is in the moment, so we can have an idea how much time it is going to need?


It definitely seems to be a player skin cache issue. If I load into the map by myself with no players I don’t get any stutters. But it seems to be triggered by skins or textures I haven’t seen before which could take forever to collect all that with how many different skins there are.


" AMD fix it for RDNA 2 like they said in the 22.6.1 release notes. "

They fixed it in the 22.6.1 ?




@Adamkd 22.6.1 gave me more fps in dx11 mode, but stutters are still unbearable. Dx12 seems to preform worse on 22.6.1 than it did on 22.5.2, I think the biggest issue is the way your gpu caches all the different skins and textures, everything from the environment to the backpack on a player creates a fps drop for me if I haven’t seen it before. Wish they could include a option to just allow you to download and store all that info when you launch the game.


okey thanks, but it has nothing to do with the skin, 

more about entities, especialy when they're moving


Amd when does it finally get fixed?


@iamsoconfused Probably when we buy a Nvidia gpu


There must be a better Way, i just cant support Nvidia.


I have no problems playing fortnite , game runs smooth and barely any stuttering after playing a bit in the game, the stuttering comes from the beginning lobby, but it goes away. Other than that, no problems on my end.

Works extremely well on my Radeon Pro W5500 workstation card, and WX 7100 and RX 570. 

Shadows is the only graphic feature that decreases performance, so i put it on medium. 

I don't want to support Nvidia either but this is pathetic. It's not like Fortnite is some indie barely heard of game. It's one of the 5 biggest games in the world and to have such poor optimization for MONTHS on GPUs that have the horsepower to run anything maxed out at 4k is pathetic. Never getting above 30%-40% GPU usage and 20% CPU usage (so no CPU bottleneck) on a 6950XT. DX11 - unplayable DX12 - poor performance and at best playable with post processing set to low. Cmon AMD get your s@#t together.

@tanazzz my gpu usage will sit around 95% with my 6900xt. But it will drop to sometimes even 0% sporadically causing a visual stutter. Definitely still think this is some kind of cache issue at least on the dx12 side. If I see anything new on a player it stutters. Which is very annoying, I have played about 30 games since last updating my drivers and I still get stuttering in games. Especially spawn island. Between this and warzone caldera being broken on this card I doubt I will be a return customer in their gpu department.


If I were having issues with fortnite only I'd be okay with it. But there are so many issues with software like DaVinci Resolve refusing to use the encoder and Photoshop lagging to a crawl and games being hit or miss as far as how well they'll run and if they'll run at all. I'm shocked that this generation of GPUs is almost 2 years old and drivers are still this bad.


Amd fix  performance mode low fps and stutters


Cmon amd fix performance mode fps its super annoying fix it already 


I have a solution for you (for solution, read second column down below) Story time first: This thread is already 21 pages long, I read ALL OF IT, and I have already seen a solution or two mentioned here, tho not perhaps taken seriously. I have spend days searching for solutions on tech reddit, gaming reddit, AMD, LTT, etc. I play Fortnite and Warzone. And in both games, experienced severe stutters, lags, bad graphics (Warzone) and huge FPS drops. Currently I have a Ryzen 5600X, Sapphire Nitro+ RX6700XT, 2x8GB 3200Mhz, WD Black 500GB NVME, 80+Gold 550W Asus Strix PSU, Asus Strix B450-F Gaming. This is kinda a higher end PC (ofc under the likes of 3080 or 6800XT). I got barely 130FPS Warzone in any settings low or high, and graphics looked like garbage. I got 200+FPS in Fortnite with huge stutter and basically unplayable drops to even 70FPS or lower. Especially when sprinting or turning around. Building and shooting was impossible. With my former PC, which I sold in May, I had 0 issues in both games. i5 8600k + GTX 1080 + 2x8GB 3000Mhz - this is a much much weaker PC, yet the results were better then. I thought the 550W was at fault, cause Sapphire claim 650W as minimum for the 6700XT. Swapped a brand new 750W PSU, and it didn't change anything. Why would it, when even 2 programs like open hardware monitor show, that at least in these games, my max power drain on 6700XT was 183W and CPU 86W. Even a 400W PSU would suffice, but I got the 550W because of possible spikes. I tried several different AMD drivers 20.x.x, 21.x.x and 22.x.x, uninstalled them in Windows Safe mode via DDU (uninstaller for GPU drivers), even 2x did a clean install of Windows 10. I undervolted GPU (it had severe coil whine even at 144FPS cap, not to mention 240 or uncapped, where I sometimes get even 500+FPS spikes - but that's a separate issue for me personally and it got resolved) No drivers helped, no concrete setting in AMD Adrenaline or in-game settings. So what helped in both? Well, 2 different things

In Fortnite, as some guy here once claimed around page 17, all you need to do is wait app. 20 minutes in lobby. Just stand in lobby, that's all. Sounds like a stupid thing. It RESOLVED the issue completely. Apparently it has something to do with cache or shaders, idk. If you experience unplayable stutter and FPS drops in Fortnite, both DX11 and 12, all you need to do is open the game, go to settings, set your graphics the way you like it, then restart the game and just stand in lobby for 20-30 minutes. Then restart the game and play. No stutters. If you change the graphics setting again future, I advise you to stay in lobby again.

What I did also is turn everything in AMD Adrenaline off/disabled - AMD Smart access memory off, Freesync premium off, antilag off, dynamic freesync off, RSR Radeon super resolution off - this actually solved my Warzone issues and I guess helped fortnite too

Sometimes too much tech doesn't do good, but the opposite


Adamkd, you have a different issue than others. There have been several different reports on fortnite being very unstable with fps drops etc on a rx6800. But this goes with any GPU. Some have coil whine like me, other fps drops, others high Temps, high or too low GPU use, clocks out of order, heat, freezes, black screens etc. 

I suggest you do a clean install of an older stable driver with DDU in safe mode and mingle with the Adrenaline app. Disable all. Do a clean install o windows and fortnite and amd driver with ddu. Then do a stress test for GPU and monitor behavior.

I get these things are very VERY stressful and bad for a gamer. I know... 


Adamkd, this is a solution for you from another post I had replied by the user Thomasdk1405. It's easy to do. Give it a try. Watch the video, you perhaps know this AMD oriented YouTuber. 


follow this one

disable ULPS

Raise min core clock from 500 to around 200 mhz below max. This wil only impact when in games and not in normal windows. 

I have constant high fps - no stutter butter smooth game play.

Agree that it is wrong that a person should need to do this. Perhaps all this taking care of environment and save power has been taken too far ?

Anyway this solved my problems along with the 22.6.1 driver !



@AncientSlav I did everything you said and its still not fixed (Performance mode)


Waiting in the lobby for the fps to stabilize definitely helps, but I still get some pretty frequent fps drops on spawn island with people loading in, and throughout the game here and there with still some weird hitching issue that tactical sprint has. My game is now “playable” on dx12 for me, but for anyone super competitive those minor stutters throughout the game could make or break a fight.


@Adamkd people are just trying to help man, anyways I notice when my gpu seems to be caching it tends to drop it’s utilization down, sometimes to 0. Now I’m not sure if this is normal caching process, or if Nvidia just does it better. But for me viewing a new skin which Fortnite seems to have countless of creates this stutter or fps drop along with normally seeing a gpu utilization drop for me.