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Journeyman III

Fortnite Bad Performance on dx 11

AMD Has really not fixed this issue for years. When Playing Fortnite on DirectX 11 with series 5000 and series 6000 cards, you are getting this issue. (Only with AMD CPU's from my research) Fortnite is semi playable. It's hard to build and play when you're getting FPS drops all game, BUT while playing with DirectX 12 It's all gone. DX12 Just Makes The Game Feel Brand-new. No FPS Drops, No Low Performance, Everything is top. But The issue with dx11 has been there for years, and no one makes anything about it to fix it which is disappointing and defiantly from drivers. You want to go on performance mode? You Can't. So Please AMD We Beg You, Fix This Issue.

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Journeyman III

Same, on a Ryzen 5 3600 and a RX 6600. Terrible fps on dx11 and performance mode, but good fps and stable fps on dx12.

Journeyman III

Yeah it’s so aggravating I wanna play performance mode not dx12. I have a really nice pc ryzen 5900x with strix water cooled 6800xt but my favorite game has been unplayable for at least all of chapter 3. Idk if AMD has even acknowledged the fact there is a problem. 

Adept II

You said that the game is worked good in DirectX 12 so why you didn't update your directX version to 12 ? try update your existing GPU to DirectX 12 or buy new GPU that support DirectX 12.


Мy card supports dx 12, I just want to play dx11 / performance mode