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Force VSR

Is there anyway to force VSR?

I've been gifted a 4k Camlink, I'm trying to use it for streaming from my main PC to a secondary PC, I've been doing this previously via NDI in OBS (Which has worked flawlessly for me without issue) However I'd like to stop running OBS on my main PC so I can un-cap the FPS to 60 (Only way to leave enough GPU Resouces for OBS to not stutter with Windows 10.) and actually use my Freesync monitor.

The main PC is running a Vega 56 with 2 monitors + Camlink
My main monitor is an Acer XG270HU at 2560x1440 @ 144hz

Secondary is a Samsung E2420 at 2560x1440 @ 60hz via VSR 1920x1080 @ 60hz
The cam link is a duplicate of the main monitor, however it does not have any 1440p resolutions, thus windows uses 2160p30 to do a desktop resolution of 1440p.

Long story short, if I use 1440p for the duplicate displays, I can force the main monitor to 144hz, however, windows doesn't allow the slave display's active mode to be changed. Windows automatically selects 4k30p as the active signal and uses 1440p30 as the desktop resolution for display 3 (camlink). I basically want to use VSR to send an active signal of 1080p60 to the camlink. Is there any way to either force  1440p via 1080p through VSR. Or to disable the 4k display modes so it has to use 1080p60 for the active mode and then use VSR?

Edit: Currently on driver version 19.12.2.

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