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Journeyman III

For posterity: RX6600 troubleshooting amdwddmg stopped responding (Event ID 4101)

I'm about to apply a windows update and wanted to make sure I knew how to resolve the issue if it shows up again. 

Most likely due to some weird system confusion over conflicting drivers, but still not exactly sure >.< As a result, idk which are strictly necessary, so do everything to be safe xD

Currently running Adrenalin Version Driver Version 31.0.12029.10015

Things I tried that didn't work or didn't cut it:
-Using an old driver version that I knew hadn't given me issues in the past
-Disabling Windows Services for AMD Crash Defender && AMD External Events Utility
-Running amdcleanuputility alone
-Windows search("Change device installation settings" -> Automatically download manufacturers' apps and custom icons?) -> No. I still have this set, but I doubt it did much in resolving the issue

Steps to fix:
1: Changed group policy for Windows Updates

1.1 Win+R("gpedit.msc")
1.2 Navigate [Local Computer Policy-> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update -> Manage updates offered from Windows Update]
1.3 Enable "Do not include drivers with Windows Updates" -> Apply -> OK

2: Run amdcleanuputility.exe to remove drivers
3: Check factory reset option when prompted. Let Adrenalin install
4: Find GPU under display drivers in Device Manager to do *another* "install"(??). Right click -> properties -> update driver -> browse local files -> *select version* [This is a very quick "install". I'm not sure if it does much, but someone said it fixed their issues && I did it on my last successful install ]

Misc Notes:

1. AMD logs located in C:\Program Files\AMD\atikmdag_dce.log (This could be wrong--amdwddmg error shows up in Event Viewer, but no indication of anything aberrant being logged at the same time. Possibly bc I disabled Issue Detection in Adrenalin settings? Or maybe that's the wrong log? Not sure).
2. Software installers located under C:\AMD\ can safely be deleted. I had over 10 in there for some reason
3. -----------------------------------------CAUTION--------------------------------------------
I deleted all spurious AMD drivers lying around in C:\SYSTEM32\DRIVERSTORE\FILEREPOSITORY\.
Driver names are obtuse/nondescript (e.g."U0387206.INF_AMD64_081D192BD0A4E0CB"). Look up filename of installed driver under [System Information -> Components -> Display]) to verify you're not deleting the active driver.
Requires elevated privileges: right click-> properties -> security -> grant access

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Journeyman III

Alright, so basically if anyone sees this--pretty much all of what I'd posted is WRONG! Problem persisted. If anyone is experiencing amdwddmg errors in Event Viewer....UPDATE YOUR BIOS! Would have saved me....hours of frustration.