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Journeyman III

Flickering in the second monitor - AMD Radeon R9 280x


I have the following problem ...

I had this graphics card so far with Windows 8.1 x64 with the Radeon software version 17.7.1 operated without
Problems or special settings.

Now I have reinstalled the system and would like to use it with Windows 10 x64 (1809).

Here I tried the different versions 18.11.1, 18.12.2, 18.12.3 but also newer 19.4.1 - 19.4.3, they all have the same problem.

Have it always cleaned between installations with "AMD Cleanup Utility".

Now to the problem description:

Both monitors display a bug-free image. But as soon as something changes. e.g. moved a window
or writing a text, the second monitor starts to flicker on an area.

If you do not actively do anything with the mouse or the keyboard, there is no flickering.

This monitor is currently connected via DVI cable, but also a change DisplayPort or another Cable does not help here.

After I also still the old system (Windows 8.1 x64) I have here also the monitor settings in the Radeon Software tested. Here the setting is 100% the same as in Windows 10 x64.

Hope for tips on my problem.
My english is not so good - sorry.

Mr. Shelly
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Journeyman III

Further insight in Windows 10:

When I'm not that far anymore
is the flickering away.
I now expand the display.
Also the monitor, which made no problems so far.

Further tests showed that the flickering only migrated to the extended monitor. Speak
here is a cable or hardware problem on the monitor excluded.

Is there a problem with Windows here?

Mr. Shelly

Journeyman III

Have now tried other things - among other things, I have the standard values of the memory clock
reduced or set from 1600 MHz to 150 MHz.

Now the flickering is gone.

What does that have for other effects?