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Adept I

Flickering and Visual Artifacts Problem in Windows with AMD Radeon RX 460 Graphics Card


I am experiencing a persistent problem in Windows 10 with my AMD Radeon RX 460 graphics card. The problem occurs when trying to view certain content, especially in the browser, such as when opening GitHub in browsers such as Firefox or Chromium.

     Flickering: When I maximize the browser window on GitHub, the screen flickers and some green curved lines become visible.
     Visual Artifacts: When taking screenshots or recording videos of the screen, visual artifacts are also reflected in the resulting images and videos.

 Additional Details:
     The problem does not occur on the same hardware when running Linux (Debian 12) with X11 (not Wayland).
     The graphics card is an AMD Radeon RX 460, and the drivers are updated as per the official recommendation from the AMD website.
     It has been tried with different connection cables, and the problem persists.
     Graphics card temperature remains within normal ranges during stress tests.
     Hardware acceleration has been disabled in browsers, but the problem persists.

 Actions Taken So Far:
     Performance tests with FurMark on Windows showed acceptable temperatures and stable performance.
     Different display configurations and drivers have been tested, including a clean installation of AMD drivers.
     Performed a clean uninstall of graphics card drivers using DDU.

Request Assistance: I would appreciate any guidance or suggestions to resolve this problem.  If anyone has experienced something similar or has knowledge of possible solutions, your help would be invaluable.  Thank you!


When I maximize this image, I see errors on my PC (Windows, it doesn't happen on Linux):error_al abrir se ve un bug.png


This is a fictional representation of the error, but it looks pretty similar:



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Adept I

Enter safe mode, with basic video. The error disappeared, then I took an image capture and entered with a normal start, I saw the maximized image captured and the problem was seen again.


With this I realized that it is due to the color "0d1117" (this in HTML). If there is too much color "0d1117" the error occurs, only in Windows normal mode, in safe mode and basic video the error does not exist.

It is worth mentioning that in Debian 12 X11 this problem does not occur and I have the proprietary drivers installed. And that the general performance of the graph is correct.


Color "0d1117":




Journeyman III

I have the same problem, but the artifacts are showing in games only, any fixes? I did the exact same things like you did.


Uninstall the "Adreanalina 2023" drivers and install the old "Cimsom ReLive 17.4" drivers. This eliminated the visual problems, and I did not notice a loss in performance.

First some important things to mention:
- I have "Windows 10 Pro 22H2" installed

- I have a "Shappire RX 460 4GB Double Fan"
BIOS Version
BIOS Date 2016/09/03 18:37

Uninstall the new "Adrenalina 2023" drivers, install the "Adrenalina PRO 2023" drivers.
When Adrenalina Pro was installed, the PC gave a blue screen, restarted several times and worked. The error mentioned above disappeared.

Due to the blue screen, I did not trust the reliability of the installation, so I decided to install the 2017 drivers. They were installed correctly and the visual error mentioned above also disappeared.

Conclusion, the 2017 stable drivers for RX 460 graphics (Crimsom ReLive 17.4.4) worked correctly for me on my "Shappire RX 460 4GB Double Fan".


We have the exact same version on Windows and BIOS.

I uninstalled the new "Adrenalina 2023" drivers and i installed the old "Cimson ReLive 17.4" drivers, but i have 0 fan speed, any solution about that? Do you think the artifacts are from the new Adrenalina 2023 drivers? For me, the artifacts appeared in mid-December


If the Fan works 0%, there is a serious problem, because the drivers should control that well. You could try with the previous drivers from 2022 "Adrenalin Edition 22.6.1", and as the last option that occurs to me, install the drivers that came out recently, those from 2024, I have not tested these.

Drivers 2022:


When i have on default on performance my fan speed is 0 idk why, but when i put on manual tunning - custom - fan tunning enabled and disabled zero rpm and play a guy it will black screen 10s, and it will restart the settings from performance