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Adept I

Flicker Flicker and Flicker ~ I Just want to play some games

I need some REAL help here, after coming to many websites. I'm still stuck with this problem, the flicker problem that makes the game turn to a black screen.
played lamp chronicles (early access) status crash at some random place in the game
played ppsspp emulator, Dissidia 02 got flicker (change it to open GL) and the game runs normal but playing god of war still occurs the problem

played Genshin Impact, runs well at loading screen but crash you played the game

dota 2, flickers in random points.

played a fookin little sized games make the laptop flickers. i don't know whats wrong with this laptop this makes me mad so much.

my laptop was an Acer with dual graphics (that i dont even know how its works) gpu 1 radeon r7 driver with gpu 2 r7 m340. 

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