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Journeyman III

fixe eror 126


I often get the following message: LoadLibrary failed error 126: the specified module cannot

be found

I use an AMD R9 390 graphics card and then the computer freezes.

It's systematic ...

my 2nd concern when I want to install catalyst: I have a message that says my access is denied.

Can someone help me solve this problem.

thank you


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Without any information on your computer or OS or Driver installed I will just be giving an educated guess and basic tip to install successfully the latest driver.

If I read correctly, you are trying to install a obsolete and very old driver called Catalyst. The new AMD Driver are called Adrenalin.

First, Windows must be fully updated via Windows Update.

Second, download the latest AMD Driver for the R9 390 from here: (This is for Windows 10 but other OSes are also shown):

Third download a free program called DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and run it in Safe Mode with the Internet disconnected. Once it reboots back to Windows Desktop, still with the internet disconnected, delete C:\AMD Folder in the Root Directory.  Now run the downloaded full AMD Driver package. When it installs correctly, Reconnect the internet again and again delete C:\AMD Folder in the Root Directory to save space and prevent future conflicts when installing a new AMD Driver.