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Journeyman III

First time using AMD, why so bad?


I bought a Legion S7 16ARHA7 it has a AMD Ryzen 7 6800H and Radeon RX 6600S. 

It struggles to play league of legends on med settings it hits 160fps then drops to 8 and back up and down like a yoyo, completely unstable. 

I spent a day configuring settings to play half life Alyx, still pretty poor but just about playable, i need to make sure the power cable is in, settings are low and block the laptop from using ONLY the integrated graphics and use the dedicated graphics aswell. I have a NVidia ThinkPad that performs better but i dont want games on this laptop. 

I don't particularly want to "customise" my settings by searching the web, youtube and help desks to be able to use my laptop, why is it not useable out the box? Why should I have to remediate driver settings to allow it to run a 10+ year old game? 

Is my laptop broken should i just return it or is this the standard to expect from AMD? 

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Go to Lenovo Support Driver download page and update all of your laptop drivers especially your BIOS, Graphics, and Chipset from here:

Screenshot 2023-12-28 132312.png


There are two Critical downloads under the Manual Download page one of which is the VGA Graphics driver for your laptop. That one update might help with your game playing.

The other is Patch for Lenovo Vantage Gaming Feature Driver for Windows 10 (64bit), Windows 11 (64bit) - IdeaPads, Ideacentre.

See if the Automatic Driver update feature updates all your drivers including your BIOS version.



Journeyman III

The automatic scan says im up to date, regardless i updated below. But "Patch for Lenovo Vantage Gaming Feature Driver" downloads and runs as admin but does nothing there after? Any idea how to force it to update? 

BIOS Updated

AMD VGA Driver Updated

23.12.1 Adrenaline Updated

Lenovo Vantage Gaming Feature Driver Updated

HDR monitor driver Updated

realtek audio updated

APO driver updated

Bluetooth driver updated

camera updated

card reader updated

Lenovo diagnostics updated 

finger print reader updated

amd chipset updated

function keys updated

wifi network updated

power management updated 

Dolby Vision Provisioning Driver updated
Lenovo Vantage Gaming Feature Driver updated
Display Monitor Driver updated

my speakers now have a slight crackle to them after the driver update
the fps problem is still there - it might get fixed if the "Lenovo Vantage Gaming Feature Driver" would install correctly.
I am charging my laptop using usb c 100w charger and cable, i assume this wont make a difference to anything other than slower charging?