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Final solution to fix black screen and freeze without down AMD software to 19.xx. (using MSI afterburner latest version)

MSI afterburner can override AMD software.

Down your core clock around 100 MHz

Set Power limits to maximum

Set Fan speed to maximum

My theory is the AMD software can't control the core clock and it make GPU run at very high MHz and make the black screen happen. Override and reduce the core clock may help.

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Adept I

hi mickeekung thank you for helping me , i tried what you said but it doesnt work at all,  i got blue screen 

blue screen.jfif

Adept II

I havent got black screen for days and today one just popped out.
My theory is that black screens happening based on win10 (perhaps messing with powering? dont know). Everyday when i started my pc i was getting 1 black screen ingame. but for the rest of the day once i restarted my pc everything seemed to be ok.

I also noticed that if i shut down my pc and turn it back on after a couple of hours the black screen has a 90% to show u again.


i dont have idea what it is the problem, i have done many things like
-update evrything
-clean the drivers with the cleandrivers amd
-change the drivers to lowers versions
-on and off the freesync
-change the dp
-reset the computer

and any of that doesnt work jaja :´(

i really didn´t spec this of amd, when i have a nvidia i don´t have any problem at all with any game

Journeyman III


I made an account just to say that this worked for me.

I had already tried numerous drivers and still got black screen.

Sapphire Pulse 5700xt (double fan version)

Using 20.4.1 atm. Afterburner: 1945 Mhz, 50% power, 1150 mV (slight undervolt), 1750 memory. Stable so far.

TY Mickeekung!

Journeyman III


I also made an account just to say that this worked for me also...

But my guess is, that its not the clockspeed nor the power limit, but the fan settings what makes the driver not crash anymore.

I use the default custom profile from msi afterburner. If I dont use the custom fan profile most game crash with either black screen and/or directx error (shadow of the tomb raider and cod mw).

Edit: I have the sapphire 5700xt pulse

Edit: Most stable driver before: 19.12.1. Now I am using 20.2.2 with custom fan profile and it works without any crashes now.

Ty mickeekung 



this method seems also be working out for my MSI Vega 56 Airboost OC since the 12.04.2020. No crashes so far. I also updated the BIOS from Techpower GPU with the newest date on MSI Vega 56 Airboost OC.

I set the Fan Speed to "Auto" with a customized fan control:


Also i changed the Core Clock (MHz) from 1622 to 1522. But i'm trying to run now at 1622 MHz, so far no crashes since two days.

I hope this won't crash my GPU anylonger. Was really getting on my nerves: did an RMA, which the manufacturer responed the GPU is fine. Changed my PSU (BeQuiet 500W, 2014 model) to a newer, powerful one (Corsair 750W, 2019, which i think was useless) and already thought about buying an NVIDIA GPU (2070S).

I keep you updated, if a crash will occur.

Ty mickeekung


Still got crashes, they are less but still there.

Now i'm trying the "Professional Graphics", which singul4r‌ posted in


Did the Pro drivers solve your issues?? Im looking for some feedback of users who had the problem and corrected it with Pro-Enterprise versions, if I can get enough good results I could write a report to AMD giving some details about this and our results, maybe that could help to fix it on Adrenalin 2020 gaming versions.


Hey. You can download 20.5.1 right now. It may resolve your black screen issue.


20.5.1 Release Notes :

Known Issues : Some users may still experience black screen or system hang issues during extended periods of gameplay. AMD will continue to monitor and investigate reports of these issues closely.


Yeah I know. But try it first.  It help many black screen issue too.


Screw COD they Don't care about free players enough

to repair this problem, Certainly makes me not want to buy there titles at all.


Sorry for the late reply. 

The lates Pro Drivers are running perfect.

No crashes and also the graphic bugs in CoD MW disappeared

Adept III

Any of you guys tried the 20.8.1? I'm getting bored about waiting for some fix. And try one driver after another to get similar results, or even worse.