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Adept I


Hi everyone, i have a serious problem with the AMD graphic drivers (i downloaded the lastests today and still have the problem), i have no problem with fifa 22 but on fifa 23 i can't finish even a game as the game stops creating visual disruptions and then i get the error DXGI_ERRORE_DEVICE_HUNG due to my graphic card drivers, according to the AMD software. I tried to use the registry editor (TdrLevel and TdrDelayt) but what happens is that the game no longer stops as before but the entire pc crashes and I have to restart it from the button. can you help me? I bought FIFA one week ago and still can't finish a single game guys. Help. It's my main game. 
I give you the devices of my desktop pc. Hope you can find a solution. I tried to watch like 1 million youtube videos but no one really helped me to fix this problem. It so unright. 

- CPU Intel Core i7-9700K CPU 3.60GHz
- Mainboard MSI B365M PRO-VDH
- RAM 32GB

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Adept I

Hey brother, im experiencing the exact same issue & i have the same AMD RADEON VII with 16 GB VRAM. I have no idea what is causing it or how to fix it so if you figure out a solution please let me know!

Since the day it started i didn’t find a solution, i tried to change everything on the amd adrenaline program but it crashes every game. I watched like ten thousand videos on youtube of people who simply fix it but every solution didn’t work for my pc. I’m so sad cause this is the only game i want to play this year but if this keep going i will stop trying at some point and left the game. Hope that Fifa or AMD updates will solve the problem, but i don’t think so, my fifa 22 game crashes when i open some packs on FUT and this still happens today.