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Adept I

Fate of Atlantis not working on 19.8.1.

Hello! For some reason I cannot play DLC Fate of Atlantis. I mean I can play it untill, my character enters Atlantis. From that moment, no matter the driver version, the game crushes. I have this PC: Mobo - Gigabyte X570Pro, CPU 3600x, MSI RX5700XT, 32GB RAM DDR4 HyperX CL12, 2400 MHz. I tried to play it on Geforce Now and the game works. I also played on another PC with Nvidia 1060 and it works. But it does not work on this louzy AMD RX 5700XT. I deeply regret buying this garbage. It gets hot, it provides a lot of noise and it does not offer acces to my very special games. How much time, how many years I have to wait untill I can play in the city of Atlantis?

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Volunteer Moderator

You need to report the issue to AMD > AMD Issue Reporting Form