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Journeyman III

Far Cry 5 consuming every memory like crazy - driver issue?

Hi there.

I have recently purchased Far Cry 5 Deluxe Edition on Steam. Says the game is version 1.0.11.

Steam is up to date, Uplay as well and graphics drivers - guess what! - also up to date. (Adrenalin 2019 18.2.2)

When I launch the game and load the save, the game itself consumes around 3.5 GB of RAM and 4.8 GB of VRAM.

Also, it takes around 5 GB from OS virtual memory (commit charge) and 0% of pagefile.

After hour of playing Far Cry 5 itself consumes:

- 8 GB of RAM (seriously!)

- 7.8 GB of VRAM (seriously!)

- all 15 GB of virtual memory

- all the pagefile.

(Those numbers are reported by the FPS Monitor and GPU-Z.)

This is not nice. I have Core i7-2600K, RX 580 8 GB, 16 GB DDR3 memory, Windows 7 64-bit SP1.

I can play for an hour and then when there is no pagefile left, the game just crashes. (FPS Monitor shows me how much % of pagefile is left.)

Then Windows shows me a message about my computer being low on memory.

I do not like the whole pagefile thing. I have a lot of physical memory so why enabling swap to much slower disk?

I have not had pagefile enabled for years and had no problem with any game yet.

Well, I enabled it for Far Cry 3 to see if anything changes, set it to 4096 MB as fixed size. The only thing pagefile actually helped with was that it prolonged the time before the game crashes.

Guys, do you have any ideas? Might this be a driver related issue? I am using just the display driver, no control center.

Thank you.

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Community Manager

The crashing you are experiencing is due to your disabled pagefile, if you want to resolve the crashing you will need to set the pagefile to auto.

One other thing to note, Far Cry 5 has an option called HD Textures in the video menu. If you enable this then video memory usage climbs significantly and as you have disabled the pagefile, it is likely accelerting the crashing.

The HD textures DLC is the most likely culprit, not only does it almost double the install size of the game but it chews memory like no-one's business all for what essentially amounts to bragging rights as the actual visual difference is negligible at best and non-existent in motion.

Not only should you probably not select it in the in game options as mentioned by amdmatt but you should probably uninstall the DLC from Uplay too to claw back some HDD space.

As for your pagefile it's not the game that's filling it, it's windows dumping your cached files out of ram so it can use that ram for your game and then put back all that stuff when you exit the game. A pagefile in a modern windows OS is not the same thing as a swapfile in and older windows OS, windows uses it for all sorts of things and disabling it isn't a great idea if for no reason other than you need it to get memory dumps in the event of a crash.