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Adept III

Fans start spinning when switch from 'Automatic - Default' to 'Automatic - Undervolt GPU' on RX 6800

When I move from 'Automatic - Default' to 'Automatic - Undervolt GPU' under the  Performance/Tuning tab for my reference RX 6800, the card's fans immediately start spinning even when the GPU temp is very low. If I click back to 'Default' the fans stop. This is with 20.12.1. It's not temperature related as far as I can tell as the GPU was only at 28degC the last time I tried Undervolt GPU.

I think it is a bug in the driver. I would certainly like to have the 'fanstop' feature and 'Automatic - Undervolt GPU' at the same time. I guess I could try manual undervolting, but I like the simplicity of AMD's Automatic Undervolt GPU feature.

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