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Journeyman III

Fan speed default vs custom tuning


I have been using some downclocks for my saphire nitro 5700xt since I think that the temperature and fan speed was a bit on the high side. There has been some fan uptick here and there but I really didnt think about it since it was temporary and it soon went down again. But with playing some half life alyx I noticed that the fan was getting out of control and I had to close the door to my computer room to not get distracted by the noise. I decided to do some testing of my underclocks/undervolts and to compare them and noticed some weird behaviour. In all these stress tests I didnt touch the fan tuning, it is disabled. as is the other settings except AMD SmartAccess Memory

First the default setting, its 2019MHz - 1200mV ( I did for 5 minutes first and it stopped at about these temps/rpm but didnt take a screenshot for comparison)


Here I tried with just power tuning -10% and -20% .Mostly to see how a quick downclock fared and compared to a "real" downclock

Power tuning -10%Power tuning -10%Power tuning -20%Power tuning -20%


And here it was with 1800Mhz and 1000mv, the power consumption just spiked when I took the screenshot otherwise it stayed around 150-155 or so


Here is the one I tend to use, 1900MHz with 1050mv, getting a 3k rpm with junction temp below -10% and current temp at the same as -20%


And while writing this post I did a new test.

Going into custom, hitting gpu tuning and advanced control and leaving it at the default 2019-1200 and the fan spins up like the 1950-1050

Default with OC.PNG


*And I am on driver version 22.4.1

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Hi, for how long do you have the card, do you regularly clean the dust on the computer?

That's a fairly high temp, not critical but still not good on the long run.

Maybe its time to re paste and reapply thermal pads if you are comfortable doing so.

Check if the heatsink is not loose, early Strix 5700XT models had some problems, worth checking.

The Englishman

I also suggest to you to clean that GPU. Change thermal pads and paste. Get some good quality paste for the job. Avoid conductive pastes I you don´t know the risks involved in using them.


I have had the card for little over 2 years, I clean the dust a few times a year, might be time for a spring cleaning again. I also remember incorrectly. I went for the sapphire pulse, not nitro, if that matters.

But really the problem isnt the temp, 72degrees current temp and below 90 in junction shouldnt be a problem during a stress test (1900Mhz-1050mV). From what I gathered junction is always a bit high and it can reach 110, but usually shouldnt hit 95-100. which it only does stock.

The problem is that the -10% power, at higher temps, stay under 2k fan speed which is kind of an acceptable noice level, while 3k sounds like a jet turbine.