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Adept II

fan ramp times on Radeon RX VEGA 64

Hey its nice that you have fixed RX 5700 Fan ramping in 20.2.2

how about you fix it on RX VEGA 64/56

you broke this well over a year ago on VEGA 64

when there was nothing wrong with the old way of doing things

Please also fix VEGA 64/56


This has been like it since i believe around

Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 18.12.2

Here is my post about in on the 21st of jan 2019

nothing has been done about it since then apart from fixing the

zero rpm issue 

Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.2.2 Highlights
Fixed Issues

Improvements have been made that allow for more responsive fan ramp up or fan ramp down times on Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products.

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