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Adept I

Fan Control and Green Screen

I have recently build a new gaming ring with 5700XT, spec is at the bottom. 
Generally speaking, I am very happy with the card and when it performs, it does well. 

However, recently I have been experiencing some rather irritating issues. 
Firstly, when I play ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), it would randomly give me green screen and crash half way through playing. 

As normally, I looked into the problem, and noticed that my fans would be on 0 RPM. and only kick in when the temp get above 70, and in some occasions the card would get to 80+.

That is where I have decided to set a manual curve, which did wonders. No more green screen, cool GPU, happy days.

Until for some odd and explainable reasons the Adrenaline decided to reset my fan profile, to much lower than what I have set. As you can guess, I get the Green Scree of doom. 

From that moment on the green screen would be regular and the fan reset as well. As if the changes I make, never really stick or get saved.

On top of this, as of today, I cant even start Adrenaline, it would crash every one, like this. Every time!

I have tried to reinstall, all in vain. I dont really know what to do at this point and if I should contact the MSI for a replacement card, or if it the issue caused by the side of the AMD? 

Basic specs



CPU: Intel i5 8600K 


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Adept I


I have a Powercolor RX 5700 Red Dragon (non XT), but basically the same problems. I use the silent BIOS (which might be a reason for the faulty behaviour, which one do you use ?) and the fans won't run until the card gets quite hot and even then it won't go above 900 rpm, which then results in different outcomes when the GPU reaches 80+°C and the "hotspot" 100+°C. Sometimes the game only stutters, sometimes the screen goes black for several seconds and comes back, but with massively reduced clockspeed (and FPS obviously) and sometimes it goes black and stays black, then only the reset button will help.

With manual fan control it works way better, but as you stated, the driver doesn't remember it. I have to manually load the config file after every reboot (I power the computer fully down and not just put it to sleep). When the fans are on the manual settings, the performance is amazing and the temps are ok, though the noise level is not optimal, it's ok-ish, but less would be better. I use no OC so far.

Is the silent BIOS a problem?

Is there a way to automatically load the config file on bootup (maybe with a command line option for the driver)?

Any other workaround(s)?

Is there a way to choose a fan setting below 35%, because so far this seems to be the minimum value?

Thanks in advance

P.S.: I use an MSI X370 Gaming Carbon with an AMD Ryzen 2600X and 32 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3000 (which runs on 2933, because of the CPU). I used an Nvidia GTX 970 Windforce G1 until 2 weeks ago and everything was fine (apart from the FPS obviously ).

At least it seems more stable from what you explaining. 

I am not sure wether it is silent BIOS, as this is the first time I hear about it. I thought it was 1 bios and bunch of drivers. But I need to explore that. I know that PowerColor has dual bios mode and maybe comes with a special mode. 

That said, my problem is green screen, and simply only a shutdown/reset button works in this case. Which is awful as it causes deterioration to other components, and high heat is causing thermal deterioration to the GPU.

What also frustrates me, is you pointed out with the Adrenaline and resetting the config, but how unstable it is in general. 
I just cant start it what so ever, it crashes. I got no clue what settings are on and what is happening to the GPU. 
It seems that I can still use it, and play? But I dont dare to play ESO, and now its weekend and I wanted to spend time playing with my gf, but instead I will be troubleshooting. 

Please fix your damn software! 

I have my 1st ring, running with 1080Ti, and I have to say, it gives me 0 problems. Absolute beauty of a card and software is seamless.

But I am not a fan boy, I like good products, and it 5700xt is a good product, let down by a poor software. 


There is an AMD Tool to remove the driver entirely and then freshly reinstall it. Which is what I did, after I tested around with config files and my driver behaved a bit strange as well. YOu can download that tool on the AMD website as far as I recall.

Apart from that, my PC only runs stable, when the manual fan settings are applied, otherwise I can't run any game unless I limit the FPS to 60-70. Anything above a 100 FPS on WDHQ or 4K will certainly overheat the GPU and provoke downclocking or freeze. So when I forget to load the config file on startup I will get "reminded". And 103°C on the hotspot are certainly not prolonging the lifespan of the GPU ...

So I want a fix as well.

Anyway, I will try the other BIOS setting tonight to see, whethter that helps/changes anything.

You might want to try MSI Afterburner settings as some other guy here on the forums adviced. The afterburner tool should have come with your card (if not you can download it on MSI website). Maybe that helps (since you don't seem to have dual bios, at least I couldn't find any info about that for your card and not all cards have it).

Adept I

So using the OC BIOS instead of the silent BIOS fixes the fan problems. Even w/o loading the config file, the fans will run when needed and keep the hotpspot at 80°C or below (most of the time its actually below) and the normal GPU between roughly 55°C and 65°C. The fans are quite noisy and running at quite high RPMs, but thats certainly better than melting the GPU and you can still get a manual fan setting running, although ... the driver settings still dont load on startup, so if I want any manual settings (fan/OC), I still have to load them every time the computer is powered up.

I haven't found any command line settings or anything alike yet. And I dont know to lower the minimum fanspeed yet.