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Adept I

Fall of the FPS 10-50 times after the driver installation (WITH VIDEO DEMONSTRATION)

For 2D mode, "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" works 10-50 times faster, than the RADEON driver!

This bug all new AMD cards (2014 - 2018 release) with RADEON Driver - from Catalyst v15.7 to RADEON Crimson v18.7.1 (all versions)

Video demonstration this problem:

Experiment #1:

RADEON R7 360 with "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" (without Radeon driver)

Desktop: FPS = 800-860

Viewing the Spectrum foobar2000:  FPS = 750-780

Scaling in P-CAD:  FPS = 700-800

Normal 2D performance!

Experiment #2:

RADEON R7 360 with Radeon driver v18.7.1

Install driver - win7-32bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-18.7.1-july12.exe

Desktop:  FPS = 1280-1320

Viewing the Spectrum foobar2000:  FPS =  27-54

Scaling in P-CAD:  FPS = 10-1300

Very low 2D performance!

Resume: "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" works 10-50 times faster, than the RADEON driver

on 2D classic theme Windows 7. NVidia and Intel card there are no problems!

Unfortunately, the bug low 2D performance is present on RADEON drivers only.

Video from camera (15 min):

or file -

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ray_mamdmatt​ - - Please close/delete this thread.



Can we know your reason for wishing this thread closed?


Because Radeongamer is a virus link spammer in all the forums.

Needs to be banned.

Community Manager

We setup a test system running Windows 7 with Catalyst investigate your report.

During testing we discovered that the foobar2000 application runs fine in Windows Classic mode on its own until the 2d benchmark is launched, at which point the visualization became choppy.

In order to rule out the 15.7.1 driver as the cause, we also installed the Radeon Omega 14.12 driver and experienced the same behavior.

In both situations, (with and without the 2D benchmark running) the visualization runs normally if Aero mode is enabled.

Therefore, we recommend that you:

a) Enable Aero mode


b) Do not run the benchmark while using other 2d applications



1) On the driver version Catalyst v15.7.1 - the same problems.

2) Radeon Omega 14.12 driver - does not support my graphics card (R7 360).

I made a new demonstration, but you write the answer I already read earlier.

Have you watched a new YouTube video?

Video from camera (15 min):