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Adept I

Fall of the FPS 10-50 times after the driver installation in 2D GDI mode

I was advised to use GLUT and now I go to a new level of video demonstrations - not just high-quality (lags / not lags), but quantitative (in FPS).

A classic theme without a Radeon driver (Standard VGA Graphics Adapter).

Desktop: FPS = 850-900

Viewing the Spectrum foobar2000:  FPS = 800-850

Scaling in P-CAD: FPS = 750-850

A classic theme with the Radeon driver installed.

Desktop: FPS = 1050-1200

Viewing the Spectrum foobar2000:   FPS = 35-50

Scaling in P-CAD:  FPS = 10-1050 (huge drawdowns from 1050 to 7-12 FPS)


For 2D mode, "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" works 10-50 times faster, than the radeon driver!

Video demonstrations will be!

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HERE WE GO AGAIN. YOU KNOW, NOBODY DISPUTES YOUR FINDINGS. YOU ARE 100% CORRECT!  You just fail to get it won't be fixed because it can't be fixed. The ability doesn't exist in the 5xxx series cards and more importantly it doesn't exist in the Windows Graphical Subsystem. No current AMD nor NVIDIA card supports this, ONLY INTEL has any current GDI support. No current OS has GDI support only GDI+. Unfrortunately for you, you have a 5xxx series and Windows 7 and combined they are the absolute worst performing for GDI, no doubt, you are correct. It is also correct that IT CANT BE FIXED. Nobody can magically add hardware support to your card, so a driver can't support hardware that isn't there. Microsoft has already said that GDI is dead and it was to difficult to attempt to support both current sub systems and the old GDI subsystem. Either buy something newer or older that meets your needs and stop beating a dead horse!

Please nobody fall for responding to the again like I just did!

AMD please lock this thread as his answer to this has already been exhaustively answered 100x over.

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