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Adept II

Failure with microphone in relive with 18.1.1

Hello, in the new drivers 18.1.1 there is a problem with the microphone when recording / transmitting with relive, it is not heard well, it has a stuttering voice, the rest of the audio is captured well, I have returned to 17.12.2 in the that there is not this problem, please fix it in future versions.

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Community Manager

Try reloading the drivers for the sound card..


HI, the problem is only with relive in 18.1.1, using team speak the microphone works perfectly, in fact the videos that I have uploaded to youtube in which you hear badly for the failure of relive was in TS and they listened to me perfectly, it is not a problem of the sound card drivers, I have back to version 17.12.2 and everything works fine, I put a YouTube video of mine so that you can see the failure capturing my microphone, only my microphone, the rest of the audio captures it well.

I'm sorry, the video we speak in Spanish but it looks perfectly like it sounds bad to me.

Relive 18.1.1 with failure 7 Days to Die - YouTube

Relive 17.12.2 works fine 7 Days to Day - YouTube

Same configuration for relive in the two versions

P.D.The videos are not monetized and I do not intend to win subscribers, just show you the bug so you can see it in the best possible way.

I'm sorry for my english

Adept II

In the new version of drivers (18.2.1) the problem persist, do not close threads commenting on the problem:

AMD adrenaline 18.1.1 Relive have audio corruption

Please fix this.