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Journeyman III

Facecam not working with AMD relive recording


so I just bought the Elgato Facecam.
Plugged everything in, installed the newest firmware/updates etc pp.

I want to record my gameplay/clips via amd relive.
I can chose the Elgato cam within the settings tab of amd.

The camera won’t record anything.
Neither with clips nor with a regular recording.
Within obs or the camera is working.

Anyone experienced the same problem?
Any ideas how to fix this ?

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Open a AMD Support ticket and see if your El Gato Facecam is compatible with AMD Relive or not from here:

It might be a settings in Radeon Settings itself that is preventing the camera from recording. Have you check Facecam settings also to see if there are any settings that might prevent the camera from working with AMD Relive?

Open a Support Ticket with your Facecam manufacturer and see what they say. They might need to create a new Firmware for your camera to work with AMD Relive.