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Journeyman III

Eyefinity missing in Adrenalin Edition on Windows 11

I have a Ryzen 5700G purchased in Jan 2022 in a Windows 11 machine on a Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro AX motherboard to three monitors.  Under Settings/Display in the AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition, there is no Eyefinity option.  When I go into the C:\Program Files\AMD\CNext\... EyefinityPro.exe, the software states:

AMD Eyefinity Pro Configuration Tool could not detect the appropriate hardware or driver or there are not enough displays to create new Eyefinity desktops.

I have three displays.  I have up-to-date drivers.  I've installed clean drivers using DDU and checking "Factory install" on the installation. I believe that the Ryzen 5700G APU is supports the Eyefinity feature.

I have been trying to get this to work from the last official 2021 driver through every edition up to AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition Version 22.5.2.

AMD Link is disabled. (I tried enabling and disabling. it was not present before or after). This has been suggested in past posts as a solution.

I have tried using variations of 2 and 3 monitors and changed ports.

I submitted a ticket a while back and the standard suggestions did not help (basically update to latest).

Did AMD discontinue Eyefinity in Windows 11?  Are there any other things to try?

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Adept I

Do you have 10-bit Pixel Format (Graphics tab) enabled? This has to be disabled and the Eyefinity feature (Display tab) will appear after restarting.