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Journeyman III

Eyefinity error in 21.4.1 - could not create AMD eyefinity desktop

Hey there, I've got an RX 5800 XT & I'm trying to get it working with my triple monitor setup using Eyefinity. My first issue I ran into was a bezel that formed after i successfully did the auto-setup for Eyefinity. I saw that people were having success using the Eyefinity Pro Configuration Tool to solve this issue. So i try to do that only to be greeted by an error. I click the "Create AMD Eyefinity Configuration" after selecting the layout & selecting the displays, only to get an error that says, "Could not create AMD Eyefinity desktop. The configuration you selected might not be supported. Please try a different configuration." It does this for any configuration i attempt. Please help as this is very annoying! I just want to get the most out of my system! Thanks guys!

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