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Journeyman III

Eyefinity: Can it be configured to ignore displays that are disconnected in Windows?

On a Sapphire RX590 card I have one desktop display connected via Displayport, and two via HDMI. I also have a link to my AV Amp/TV via the DVI connector.

Normally I have the AV Amp display disconnected in Windows 10, however, when I start Eyefinity it insists on seeing a 4 screen setup, unless I physically unplug the DVI connector.

Is there any way to prevent this so it only sees the 3 screen setup?

As a secondary question, possibly related as it again relates to recognising Windows 10 configurations, my 3 desktop monitors are the same res (1920 x 1080) but different sizes. If I modify the res of the smaller ones in Windows so that I'd then be able to realign them in Eyefinity, that change is ignored. Any suggested solutions for this?

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Journeyman III

The good news is that by trial and error I found that is is possible to eventually save a preset with an eyefinity display group of just 3 screens.

The bad news is that you can't launch straight into a preset. You have to go via Radeon Settings -> Eyefinity -> Quick Setup, which creates an Eyefinity group on the fly (of 4 screens).

If I then got to the advanced features and enable a preset, "Unpredictable results may occur". It's favourite is stopping eyefinity, disabling all but one monitor, and switching that monitor to 3200 x 1800, so I then have to manually re-enable and resize my monitors in Windows.

Am I missing a trick here?

Journeyman III

I too am unable to do this. It seems the catalyst software from my old 6950's was more intuitive that the Radeon software for my ROG-STRIX-RX5700XT-08. Kind of ridiculous i'd say. 

I only wish to use my 3 screens and exclude my TV. grrrrr