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everytime I boot, AMD installer appears despite having already drivers installed.

My system is a 1950X stock settings on a x399 Taichi bios P230, Vega Frontier stock settings and BIOS, TridentZ 4x16 DDR4 at 2966Mhz.

A few problems have appeared in the last month or so, including the almost impossibility to switch to gaming drivers without a few BSOD.

I just removed drivers, and did a clean install of the 2018Q4 driver. it reaches the installation successful checkmark but at that moment, the system freezes and gives me a BSOD with error at:



After that, every time I restart I get the AMD installer AutoStart, if I click Accept and Install, it checks the currently installed is 2018Q4 and then gives an Error 186 AMD installer cannot continue due to missing or corrupted manifest. after that the computer can be used, and if I right click on the desktop I get AMD Radeon Settings so it seems the driver was installed.

would it make sense to try an older driver than the Q4 or what other things can be done to troubleshoot.

all help is greatly appreciated.

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