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Journeyman III

Every driver after 19.8.2, including 19.11.3, is a mess and I don't know why?

I want to install the new drivers, especially with integer scaling on the way. However, whenever I use any driver past 19.8.2, things starts to break.

First issue is that I cannot use wattman with the new drivers. When I try, it shows all the settings for a second, but then my computer freezes, and when it unfreezes I can no longer interact with any wattman settings or load my profile. This causes my card to run way hotter and louder then I normally want it to.

Secondly is the freezes I mentioned. With newer drivers, my mouse and whole system will periodically freeze up for a couple seconds at a time. This usually happens around once every 30-60 seconds or so. It's like the whole system just stops for 2 seconds and keeps going. Happens a lot when I try to open wattman, also when trying to watch videos, but it also happens while just on the desktop, so I don't know what the issue is.

The third issue is the radeon overlay. I like to use the overlay to toggle enhanced sync and anti-lag in games, see my temps, etc. But with the new drivers, it makes the overlay break. I'll try to open it, and it will be ungodly slow. Like, 1 frame every 2 seconds. Sometimes it also opens and closes itself over and over, multiple times a second, for around 20 seconds. This makes using it impossible, and I can't change settings with it.

I'm using a ryzen 2700, and a 5700xt pulse. I've tried every driver that has been released since 19.8.2, including 19.9.X, and 19.11.X versions. I've tried booting my computer with safe mode, I've tried toggling every setting and every combination of settings I can find, nothing seems to work. 

Anyone have any idea what I can do? I'd like to run the latest drivers, but right now that's impossible. Please help!

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